Jack Wagner





10/3/1959 , Washington, Missouri

Birth Name




Jack was born Peter John Wagner was born and bred in the small town of Washington, Missouri. Jack gained his independent, free spirit at an early age. A direct result was his early passion for the game of golf. There weren't many ten-year-olds out on the greens, but Jack excelled at the game becoming the Missouri Junior Champion as a teen. Though golf was his true love, Jack had a knack for all sports as a member of his high school's football and basketball teams. Jack's outgoing nature prompted one of his instructors to ask him to play Mr. Bumble in the school's production of "Oliver".

Despite his new passion for the theater, Jack's heart was on the golf circuit. He got into the University of Missouri with the hopes of capturing a golf scholarship. It wasn't to be. However, Jack found another way to pay for college - the stage. Jack received a full acting scholarship at the university and so began a career.

After completing his studies at the University of Missouri and the University of Arizona, Jack packed up and moved to Los Angeles. Within a few days, he was working as a tour guide at Universal Studios. From there, he lived the life of most young actors in Hollywood waiting tables and doing the retail thing. In 1982, Jack won his first professional gig as Brent Masterson on the soap "A New Day in Eden". Soon after, he had a limited run on the "Dallas" spin-off "Knots Landing". Jack's big break came in 1983 when he auditioned for mega producer Gloria Monty to play the supporting role of rocker Frisco Jones on "General Hospital". A star was born.

Portraying rocker Frisco Jones not only thrust Jack into the spotlight as an actor, but opened the doors of the music industry for the self-taught guitarist. Jack soon had a record deal with Qwest Records and a #1 AC hit with "All I Need".

Jack remained with GH for three and a half years before deciding to return to the theater including national tours of "Westside Story" and "Grease". After a two-year hiatus, he returned to television as GH's Frisco Jones. In 1991, he shook the soap industry by dumping the glitzy world of GH for the role of Warren Lockridge on the critically acclaimed "Santa Barbara". When SB ended, Jack dabbled in theater, television guest shots, and movies before landing the plumb role of Dr. Peter Burns on "Melrose Place", where he remained for five seasons.

In January 2000, Jack once again returned to his roots - the stage. Jack landed his first starring Broadway role as the title characters in "Jekyll & Hyde". Jacks' other professional credits include the movies "Moving Target", "Swimsuit", "Play Murder for Me", "Trapped in Space", "Ladykiller", "Frequent Flyer", "Echo", "Dirty Little Secret", "Artificial Lies", "Nowhere to Land", "Trapped : Buried Alive", "Cupid's Prey" and "Ghost Dog".

In 2002, Jack took on a new career challenge: interviewer. Jack developed the series "Off Course" for ESPN in which he interviewed athletes, actors and other notable figures during a round of golf.

In 2003, Jack again surprised the industry by returning to daytime. Bradley Bell offered Jack the opportunity to develop the character of Dominick Payne on his internationally beloved series "The Bold & the Beautiful". Craving the opportunity to delve into the creative process, while staying close to home, Jack accepted. In 2005, Jack garnered an Emmy nomination for his role on the series.

The role on "The Bold & the Beautiful" was also the vehicle to propel Jack back to the music business. Series Executive Producer Bradley Bell saw an opportunity and asked Jack to consider incorporating music into his character. Being that his character was a sea captain and probably had lots of idle time, Jack placed pen to paper and returned to the recording studio. 2005's "Dancing in the Moonlight" marked the release of Jack's first collection of new music in twelve years.

When Jack isn't on the set, one can still find him indulging in his favorite pastime - golf. As a member of the Celebrity Players Tour, Jack has gained respect as one of the country's top celebrity golfers. On a more humanitarian front, Jack is also an avid supporter of AIDS research charities and the American Cancer Society. He's served as the chairperson for two AMFAR Boathouse Rock events in New York's Central Park.