Jack Warden





9/18/1920 , Newark, New Jersey, USA



Birth Name

John H. Lebzelter




Jack Warden (born 18 September 1920) was a popular character actor throughout the 1950s to the 1990s, who may best be remembered for his portrayal in "Heaven Can Wait" opposite Warren Beatty, as the football coach. Originally named John H. Lebzelter, he grew up in Kentucky and boxed professionally as a teen. After serving in the military during World War II, he discovered a passion for acting and moved to New York City. After working on Broadway, he began landing supporting roles in many significant films such as "From Here To Eternity" and "12 Angry Men." Some of his most memorable work came in the 1970s. He won an Emmy award for "Brian's Song," as well as two Oscar Supporting Actor nominations for his portrayals in "Shampoo" and "Heaven Can Wait." He also appeared as the news editor in "All The President's Men," a dedicated attorney in "The Verdict" and a senile judge in "And Justice For All." His last role was in "The Replacements" (2000). Jack Warden passed away in 2006 at the age of 85.