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  • He will be missed

    Jack Warden has always been one of my favorites and one that will be missed greatly. Jack Warden has starred in many great shows and made countless guest appearances on everything from Twilight Zone to Wagon Train to more recently, Norm. The most memorable TV role for me would be as Cory in ' The Lonely ', an episode of ' Twilight Zone ' or his starring role in ' Crazy like a fox '

    Jack Warden co-starred in dozens of movies including ' The Replacements ', ' Bulworth ', ' The Verdict ' & ' 12 Angry Men ' but I think his most memorable roles would be as "BIG BEN" Healy in the Problem Child trilogy and as both Roy and Luke Fuchs in ' Used Cars '.

    Sometimes Jack Warden was confused for Eddie Albertson but while the two men played similar type roles it is impossible to honestly confuse these two great actors.