Jack White

Jack White


7/9/1975, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

John Anthony Gillis


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John Anthony Gillis was born the youngest of ten children. His father and mother both worked in a church, as a maintenance man and secretary, respectively. Jack grew up listening to blues and 1960's rock, which would later influence him in his band, The White Stripes. Jack married…more


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    • Jack: I never get to see bands because I'm never in the same town for more than two seconds.

    • Jack: I'd got accepted to a seminary in Wisconsin, and I was gonna become a priest, but at the last second I thought, 'I'll just go to public school.' I had just gotten a new amplifier in my bedroom, and I didn't think I was allowed to take it with me.

    • Jack: I'm one of those people that you have to keep your eye on or I'll wander off into the woods and forget to come back.

    • Jack: If you think I'm going to give you an opinion that's popular then you are talking to the wrong person.

    • Jack: Don't ask me my opinion and then punish me for the answer I give you!

    • Jack: I have so many collections, the doctors told me that I couldn't collect people anymore, only their personalities and memories. So I have that going for me.

    • Jack: I have so many collections, the doctors told me that I couldn't collect people anymore, only their personalities and memories. So I have that going for me.

    • Jack: Music is what I have to do, I only answer the questions so that I can do it.

    • Jack: There was a small boy at the airport, maybe two years old, who came over to me and stood in front of me. I gave him a record that you can only get from me. He laughed and stared. For a second I wished I was no one else but myself. I'll never see him again but he was the most beautiful thing I've seen in a while.

    • Jack: The biggest failures come round and spring ultimate surprises of survival.

    • Jack: Let me just say that if whatever said radio station tries to blacklist us for my comments about their balloons, I would like them to know I want a written apology tomorrow for interrupting my song.

    • Jack: I dislike the word "emerging artist". Emerging connotes to me an alligator coming up from the water. I consider all artists to be artists, not rising, emerging, amateur, beginning, but the real thing.

    • Jack: Art is only worth what people will pay for it. Artists do not get paid by the hour.

    • Jack: Success is having a career that you love with every fiber in your body.

    • Jack: It is a myth that art has to be sold. It is not like stocking a grocery store where people fill a pushcart. Art is a product that has no apparent need. The salesperson builds the need in the mind of the buyer.

    • Jack: I have so many projects to work on I'm going to have to live to at least 120 to get some of them done.

    • Jack: The true professional makes art when he is not feeling good, if the studio is too cold or too warm or the walls are falling down. We are painters and we paint. If I were a sculptor, I'd sculpt.

    • Jack: I love the way art moves people emotionally. I love the fact that when someone purchases art it is the one thing that will last for generations.

    • Jack: I don't think there is room for "artistic temperament." Professional artists understand art is a business. If businesses ran their companies like many artists do their careers, they would not stay open a year.

    • Jack: This trial is moving like a freight train.

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  • Jack is an amazing guitar player

    Jack White, the frontman for the rock group The White Stripes, is one of the most talented guitar players in rock. He is also a talented song writer, and he has a great feel for music. The best way to appreciate Jack is to see him live. I have seen him in concert once, and I also own the live "Under the Blackpool Lights" performance on DVD. You can really appreciate the talent when you see him actually doing it. Among other things, he is a talented slide guitar player and he has a good singing voice. He will be remembered as one of the best musicians our generation has to offer.moreless