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  • Steals every show!

    Jackee was only extremely famous for a breif time in the 80's during her stint as Sandra Clark on "227" and again shorlty during "Sister, Sister". Since then she has appeared on numerous episodes of many great TV shows and seems to steal the whole show! Episodes in "Everybody Hates Chris" are much more delightful when we see her character Vanessa on screen.

    When seen in films and on TV people say, "there's that lady from 227!" To me, this is an indication that people want to see more Jackee! (pronounced Jack-KAY)

    So, why doesn't this woman have her own sitcom?!
  • A Great actress

    Jackée Harry started acting after being bored as a high school history teacher. She apeared on Broadway in "Eubie" and "The Wiz". Her tv roles are usually wisecraking or man hungry. She married Elgin Charles Williams on December 1, 1996 and divorced in 2003. She is a spokes person for Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund and supports the United Negro Fund. Is a great actress that was in four show that I know of and all of the shows are really good.
  • Great person and funny!

    Jakee Harry was a funny,talented woman.She had a funny role on sister,sister.Harry fit that part very well.I have a good feeling she enjoyed doing the part. I personaley say Harry was a oringinal character and attress she had sertain way of how she acted out the each scene and the way she spoke.I really hope she digs her way into doing acting alot more!