Jacki O




Birth Name

Angela Kohn



Jacki-o,whose original name is Angela Kohn, has had a talent for rapping all her life."I have always wanted to be a rapper.But my mother wasn't having that so I wrote poems and would give them rythms," says jacki-o. Jacki-o is very multi-talented, in fact she is a writer,producer,rapper,and singer.Although at first she wasn't as serious as she is now."I would go into the studio every now and then," says jacki-o. After her first hit,Nookie,she was often compared to khia and other raunchy female artists.Which wasn't any heat for her because she was very much diiferent. Jacki-o believes that she is dofferent for her own different purposes."A woman shouldn't be walking around talking about guns and killing,that's like a female trying to be a man,were women and should be proud to make a statment about ourself,"says the misleaded artrist. Being a producer is a major step for her in which a lot of people aren't ready to step up to the plate.Step back everybody,Jacki-o is coming at you strong.