Jackie Brambles

Jackie Brambles


3/1/1967, Essex, England

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Jakki Brambles
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  • Stunning, funny, honest, and is a breath of fresh air, a credit to the UK and one of the many treasures we should be looking after!!!

    First saw Jackie on GMTV and thought WOW where did they find her from, then I was gutted to learn she was over the Atlantic in the US! But on a higher note she was representing the UK there and I was proud to see someone like Jackie flying the Union Jack for us over there!

    Now my first time since those days here she is on the set of loose women, a show i dont usually watch but now im drawn into viewing it. She has such an enormous talent and it s credit to ITV1 and all the UK Networks!

    Congrats Jackie on such a great career and doing us all proud!moreless
  • Send her back to LA!!!

    I absolutely LOATHE this self obsessed egotist!!

    Every time she presents the Loose Women show....I want to throw something at the tv!!

    She cannot bear to present the show without saying either "When I was in LA" or "When I lived in Hollywood"

    If she loved it so much...why did she ever bother to leave?

    She is constantly name dropping...as if that is going to impress any of us!

    Why oh why did ITV give her the job?!

    Let Coleen Nolan or Carol Mc Given present as the anchor woman. At least they don't consider themselves to be better than the rest of us.

    Aaaaagh....she makes me want to vomit!!moreless