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  • He was a man of quality and conviction.

    Jackie Coogan and Shirley Temple stand alone as the two childhood stars that captivated the American movie goer. Jackie had his Dutch-boy haircut, big brown eyes and appealing personality. After being cast as Charlie Chaplin’s sidekick, he was an overnight success. He credits this to the guidance and support from Charlie Chaplin. Unlike most childhood stars, Jackie held his own as a childhood actor and through his adult years. He had the ability to cry on cue or get you laughing with his hilarious antics. He was the first childhood star to achieve super stardom. His acting career made him the youngest self-made millionaire in history. Unfortunately his mother and step-father abuse his income. They kept his earnings for themselves. He fought back to make sure this would never happen to any child again. His fight gave rise to the "Coogan Law". This law still protects childhood stars. He was not only an excellent actor but a man of his convictions.