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    • Jackie Coogan's star on the Hollywood Walk of fame is located at 1654 Vine Street and was awarded for his contributions in motion pictures.

    • Jackie Coogan is quoted as saying: "Other boys went to see Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth came to see me."

    • In 1923 Jackie Coogan was voted America's most popular movie actor.

    • During World War II, in addition to being a glider pilot, Coogan was responsible for the nylon tow ropes. These connect the gliders to the tow planes.

    • Jackie Coogan donated his WW II famous flight jacket to a museum in Palm Springs, CA.

    • Jackie Coogan grandson, Keith Coogan went into acting. Keith has guest starred in television shows such as: "The Waltons", "The Love Boat", "Fantasy Island", "Laverne and Shirley", and "CHiPs".

    • Jackie Coogan has a famous son. Anthony Coogan is a film and video writer and producer.

    • Jackie Coogan while enlisted in the U.S. Army was sent to India in December 1943. He was a Flight Officer. He flew British troops, the Chindits, under General Orde Wingate on March 5, 1944. He landed them at night in a small jungle clearing 100 miles behind Japanese lines in the Burma campaign.

    • Upon Jackie Coogan completion of glider pilot school from the US Army, he was made a Flight Officer. He volunteered for hazardous duty with the 1st Air Commando Group.

    • Jackie Coogan was eligible to became a glider pilot after he enlisted in the US Army March 1941 because he is his civilian flying experience.

    • Jackie Coogan was engaged to Toby Wing in 1935. He tried to impress her while writing autographs by writing the inscriptions backward. We are not sure if it worked but it did confuse the autograph seekers. Toby and Jackie eventually broke up over differences in their temperaments.

    • Jackie eventually reconciled with his mother and stepfather after the lawsuit over his earnings. He felt that the relationship was never the same. His advice future child stars was "stay away from mothers."

    • Jackie Coogan is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Los Angeles, California. His headstone reads:

      October 26, 1914

      March 1, 1984

      Jackie Leslie Coogan
      Humanitarian*Patriot* Entertainer

    • In 1921 he landed the role of Charlie Chaplin's irascible sidekick in The Kid. This was to start this child actor on the biggest income ever of his time.

    • Jackie Coogan began his acting career as an infant. He has an uncredited role in the 1917 film Skinner's Baby.

    • Jackie Coogan joined the United States Army. In March 1944 he served in the China-Burma-India Theater as the pilot of a wood-and-canvas glider. He is as well known as a war hero for night aerial invasion of Burma on March 5, 1944 as he is as an actor.

    • 1935 was the single worse year in Jackie Coogan life. It was the year that he lost his best friend and father in an auto accident. The stunning actress Toby Wing and he broke their engagment. His mother refused to pay out his childhood earning from acting which lead to an involved and bitter lawsuit. Jackie eventually won the lawsuit but it strained his relationship with his mother and step-father.

    • Jackie's role as Uncle Fester on "The Addams Family" (1964), put new life back into his career. Coogan was fifty years old and broke when he received the role. When the time the show ended in 1966, he would never have difficulty finding a part or work again.

    • The proudest day of Jackie Coogan's life was in March 1972. Charlie Chaplin was returning to the United States after two decades of exile to receive the Handel Medallion in New York City and a special lifetime achievement Oscar in Hollywood. Jackie Coogan was at the Los Angeles International Airport when Chaplin arrived. Charlie immediately recognizing Coogan and warmly embraced him, saying, "You know, I think I would rather see you than anybody else". Chaplin told Coogan's wife, "You must never forget that your husband is a genius".

    • In 1936, Jackie was in an auto accident with his father, Jack Coogan Senior and best friend,Junior Durkin. Durkin died instantly at the scene. Coogan, Sr., who had been driving, died a few hours later after arriving at the hospital. Jackie, though badly injured, was the sole survivor of the accident. He would later call it the single saddest day of his life.

    • Jackie Coogan's contract with Metro earned him $1,000,000 per year. Because of lawsuits over his wages with his mother and step-father which he successful won. He helped organize The Coogan Bill, which protected child actors from such abuse in the future.

    • Jackie was one of the youngest self-made millionaire in history. Though he was worth a fortune, the young Coogan was never given any of the money. It is this issue that later lead Jackie to get legislation to protect child actors. this law is knows as the "Coogan Law".

    • Jackie finally did it right the fourth time around when he married Dorothea Lamphere in April 1952. They had two children and the marriage was to last the rest of his life which ended in March 1, 1984.

    • Jackie's third marriage was to Ann McCormack on December 26, 1946. This marriage produced one daughter but ended on September 20, 1951 in a divorce.

    • Jackie's second marriage was to Flower Parry on August 10, 1941. This marriage ended in divorce on June 29, 1943. Jackie and Flower produced one son from this marriage.

    • Jackie Coogan was married to Betty Grable November 20, 1937. The married ended in divorce October 11, 1939. The did not produce any children.

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