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  • patti delaney

    Is there any possibility that a video is out there somewhere of the jackie gleason entertainment magazine season 4 episode 11, nov. 27, 1965 with george jessel introducing young patti delaney from portland, maine. Please, please say there is one.
  • Jackie Gleason aka Kramden born 1916 in Brooklyn New York has become one of the most well-known figures of the 20th Century. At about 35 he starred as Ralph Kramden in the hit cbs series The Honeymooners with Art Carney before hosting his own show.

    I have to personally say that Jackie Gleason is by far one of the all-time greats, no question about it. This man has been a comedic inspiration to all who watched him. I loved his Kramden performance in the hit cbs series The Honeymooners of the mid-50s. It doesn't surprise me that he got his own show. I found it depressing that he only lived till 71 years old from 1916-1987;nonetheless, he is still remembered today as the lovable, funny Ralph Kramden. I and many others really miss Gleason but I will sum up saying, God Bless You, Jackie Gleason!!!