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Jackie Tohn

Jackie Tohn


8/24/1980, Oceanside, New York, USA

Birth Name

Jaclyn Tohn



Also Known As

Jaclyn Tohn
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  • Jackie Tohn is a wonderfully talented actor/singer/songwriter

    Jackie Tohn is a wonderfully talented actor/singer/songwriter! I have seen her perform onstage in Jewtopia in NYC, a live performance at CBGB's singing her own material and in a really bad movie DOG, starring Denis Leary. She shinned in all.

    In Jewtopia Jackie plays a number of roles than run the gamet of personality types. She hits her mark everytime. She is increadibly talented and convincing. The play itself is pretty bad, but Jackie makes it worth sitting through it till the end.

    The movie "Dog" was a big bomb, but Jackie is a silver lining in this dark cloud. She plays a convincing post-op transexual and steals the scene. I was rolling on the floor.

    Jackie is a real renaissance woman. She writes all her own songs and has the voice of a superstar. No need for a studio to make her sound good - she's the real deal. I couldn't believe the power and range she has.

    Overall Jackie Tohn is a real gem. Why she doesn't have her own show or a major recording deal is beyond me.