Jackie Vernon





3/29/1924 , New York, New York



Birth Name

Ralph Verrone




Jackie Vernon was a great comedian known for his appearances in comedy roasts and as the voice of Frosty The Snowman, a childrens classic.
Jackie was born Ralph Veroni. He started as a trumpet player, and became a comic using his dry wit to create the stage personality of "The Dull Guy". His dead pan delivery was hilarious. His signature "bits" were "The Pet Watermelon", "Slides from My Recent Trip", and "I used to be a Dull Guy".
Three of his record albums (A Wet Bird Never Flies at Night, A Man & His Watermelon, The Day My Rocking Horse Died) contain good, representative portions of his nightclub act. This 4th "book" album (Sex is Not Hazardous to Your Health) was one in which he acted as a comedy doctor with a PhD in sex. Also acting on the album was Tom Bosley from TV's "Happy Days".
On video, you can see a young Jackie on "The Great Nightclub Comedians" and a veteran Jackie on "The Young at Heart Comedians Special". The latter is a must-see for stand-up comedy fans. And, yes, his voice will be forever heard on Frosty The Snowman.
Always a big hit on Ed Sullivan, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas,
and all the variety shows of the day, he was a true original.
He was a kind and giving man. When fellow comic Norm Crosby
found himself "the new kid on the block", and booked on a "roast" - it was Jackie who freely gave him his own roast material so he could be a hit! And he personally gave me a great deal of advice and encouragement when I was just starting as a comic. He was a kind, sweet man. And a funny one!