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  • Jackson is awesome in all ways and I will forever be a fan :)

    M. Jackson Rathbone is an amazing actor/musician! Unique and Inspiring! He can do anything and everything! He is my favorite person to base my characters off of when writing my own books and short stories! I would love to go see him and the other members of 100 Monkeys, their music is interesting to say the least. I love every bit of Jackson's work and look forward to seeing more in the future. I strongly recommend any and all of his work on screen and on stage to anyone who is even slightly a fan (on stage 18+ crowds). My favorite (recent) movies with him are tied between Eclipse and The Last Airbender, but I love them ALL.
  • Jackson Rathbone is a very talented young man with a big future ahead of him if current performances and trends are anything to go by.

    Monroe Jackson Rathbone has certainly lived in a variety of different places since his birth in Singapore and it is perhaps some of these experiences which help him in his work as, for one so relatively young, he has a lot of skill which has shown up in a wide variety of roles.

    Of course, Jackson is currently best known for his role as Jasper Hale in Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series. Voting polls place Jasper as in the top four of the favourite characters from the franchise and his performance is certainly strong, particularly in the third movie, "Eclipse" where he has a much bigger role and many more lines than in the previous two movies.

    Not content with being known for just the one series, Jackson is wisely working on a strong variety of other roles such as his excellent performance in Season 4 of 'Criminal Minds' where he played Adam Jackson, a young man afflicted with multiple personalities. He has also appeared in 'The OC' (as have other cast members in the pre- 'Twilight' days) and, more recently, in the 2010 series 'No Ordinary Family'. His other great love is music and he enjoys playing in his own band.

    Let us hope to see a lot more of this versatile young man on both big and small screen in the future.
  • Has a future ahead of him!

    Only have seen bits and parts of the movie Twilight. And that recently he was on Criminal Minds. Some people on this board, felt that he couldn't carry a role, like he did. Playing the serial killer who was confused and troubled. But yet, he pulled it off and seemed just way too convincing. The guy has some innocence about him. But yet, he has a lot of movies, not just Twilight series. But the Avator upcoming movie along with it, as well. He has a bright future and really can carry himself well. Hope that he becomes a big name. As he deserves to be!
  • He is the most wonderful actor Ive ever seen. I cant wait to see how he does in New Moon AKA Twilight 2.

    Jackson Rathbone is the beautiful person ive ever see. Ive only seen him in a cuople of things, but hes amazing and should get an award. I cant wait to see what he has in store for all of us.I know he is going to be wonderful in his upcoming movies. I hope he keeps giving us his all. I know ive already said this but he just the most beautiful man ive ever seen and those eyes just catch me everytime i look at the scrren. Robert pattinson has done an extrordinary job as well, but jackson is just amazing!
  • He's so handsome :)

    After seeing Twilight, I believe I've developed a bit of a crush on the dashing Jackson Rathbone, even though he's almost exactly 10 years older than I. Oh well, it is only 10 years, and I am going to be a famous writer one day. I'm working on a particular piece right now that may possibly be turned into a movie if the right people pick it up, only I can't think of a good role that would match him. I read that he likes producing, so maybe he can produce it! One way or another, I'm going to meet him someday, famous author or not.
  • Jackson Rathbone is so hot and talented. I cannot wait to see him in Twilight!! And Jasper's my favorite character so that's a good thing.

    How do I describe Jackson Rathbone? Hmmm... How about charming? Talented? Handsome? Funny? All the words that I like for him(wink, wink). I really love his hair... OK, I'm getting off topic now, but whatever *smiles*. If you do not like Jackson Rathbone... well, that's your problem. But I heart him? Am I getting too creepy? I know what you're all thinking. "Ugh... Fangirls..." Teehee. What else do I like about him? His voice- I totally love his voice. I loev guys who sound like Jackson (but I like Jackson the most). In an interview for Twilight, he was wearing these super-cool sunglasses. Yes, I like those. And I have so much more to say, but you're probably all wanting me to shut up. Shutting:D *****~~~~~M.M.~~~~~*****
  • he was on the oc!

    very hot. he looks a lot like hugh grant, and he was on the oc last week as caitlin's ex-conquest. too bad there is so little info about him. didn't he go to an ivy? ummm my review is too short so i need to fill up to 50 words, so lalallalaal. there i think it's 50 now, sorry this is so weird.
  • I don't know how old he is but he is very good looking

    I think he's a good actor, i'm usually not into teen programs, but this show is on the top of my list. Well next to grey's anatomy and Desperate Housewives. I think this show after this season is over will be on a local station for everyone to see. What do you think?
  • This is a show about one family that has relocated themselves from a small town to a big city. A mother and two daughters face different problems in the long road of life.

    I think that this show is very stimulating. I love the characters that act in it. I\'ve only seen jackson rathbone on disney 411 but so far he has shown a very prosperous acting career. I would love to see him in many different things such as movies in the near future. I think that if he keeps this up, he will go far. He is playing the perfect character, a young boy who has emotional problems due from problems in the home. It also helps that he is very appealing and many girls will like that. All i say is good job and keep doing what you love Jackson!
  • Jackson Rathbone plays Nicolas Fiske. He is a charming guy who seems to know what he wants but struggles with peer pressure and a strong family background.He appears to really fall for Sophie.

    Jackson Rathbone (Nicholas Fiske) is a hansome and charming actor. He is perfect for this role. He stands out on this show with his fresh good looks and his amazing talent. I enjoy the show but really like watching his character develop.
    I look forward to more episodes and especially seeing more and more of this fine young actor in other projects.
  • Jackson Rathbone is very talented. He has been a Disney 411 host and now has a leading role in an ABCFamily new series "Beautiful People".

    My reveiw for Jackson Rathbone is a ten. He is very talented. I first noticed him on the new ABCFamily series "Beautiful People". I later found out that he was a host for Disney 411. "Beautiful People" is my favorite show now. Jackson Rathbone plays his part very well on the show. It is very believable. Most series have bad casts but not this one. Jackson Rathbone may be new to the Hollywood scene but he is a natural. I very much hope that he persues his acting career because I believe he will be a big talented hit very soon.
  • Jackson rathbone is nicky on beautiful people. He is so gorgeouse and talented. I think that he should play in so many more shows and movies. He is so so hot.

    Jackson rathbone is such a little cutie. he wow is he hott. Well i think he is an awesome actor and well great looking. He and sophie really do belong together in the show. I gave him a 10 because he is and awsome goergious talented actor and should be reminded of that. Thanx see yah. and well he is so hott.
  • Turnoff: He's taken Turnon: Totally fine

    He's a really good actor and young. That'll get them teeny bopper girls for sure. He totally pulls off the rich spoiled boy with the sensitive inner beauty. I think he's good. He totally reaches out to the audience with his "I'm rich but I'm sad" attitude. I think he'll go far!
  • He's Nicholar Fiske in Beautiful People & Disney 411 host.

    I think he has a certain charm. He's kinda cute but not hot. He's not exactly the "woah totally hot" actor. Also, he has a girlfriend, Rachel Curtis. He's going out with a producer's daughter that also dated Ricky Ullman. I don't think it's a good idea for young guys just coming into the actor biz to have girlfriends because it totally throws off some of the potential girl fans. He has good acting skills though. The fact that we've seen him in Disney 411 before kinda reels in viewers.