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  • Jackson Rathbone is a very talented young man with a big future ahead of him if current performances and trends are anything to go by.

    Monroe Jackson Rathbone has certainly lived in a variety of different places since his birth in Singapore and it is perhaps some of these experiences which help him in his work as, for one so relatively young, he has a lot of skill which has shown up in a wide variety of roles.

    Of course, Jackson is currently best known for his role as Jasper Hale in Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series. Voting polls place Jasper as in the top four of the favourite characters from the franchise and his performance is certainly strong, particularly in the third movie, "Eclipse" where he has a much bigger role and many more lines than in the previous two movies.

    Not content with being known for just the one series, Jackson is wisely working on a strong variety of other roles such as his excellent performance in Season 4 of 'Criminal Minds' where he played Adam Jackson, a young man afflicted with multiple personalities. He has also appeared in 'The OC' (as have other cast members in the pre- 'Twilight' days) and, more recently, in the 2010 series 'No Ordinary Family'. His other great love is music and he enjoys playing in his own band.

    Let us hope to see a lot more of this versatile young man on both big and small screen in the future.