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    • Jackson: (on the worst dating advice he has ever received) "Say whatever she wants to hear." I forgot who told me that, but it's complete bull-shenanigans. Trying to be what she wants is a terrible idea. I try to find a woman who I can be myself around, and who can be herself around me. I hate when relationships change people, but it happens... sometimes for good and sometimes for bad, but when two people fall in love and are still the same people, that's true love. In my humble opinion.

    • Jackson: (on the most important characteristics in a relationship) Selflessness, honesty, and a healthy sexual attraction. I believe a sort of feral instinct takes place in any relationship that works... a sort of "pheromone cupid" strikes, if you will. From there, it's all about keeping it honest and selfless. It takes two to tango, right?

    • Jackson: I look for a woman with a sincere smile and a love of the arts. I love being able to go out on crazy dates, like breaking into zoos after hours, so a woman who has a sense of adventure... but I also love a calm night of jamming on a beach at midnight with a bonfire, whiskey, and friends... so a woman who can hang in any situation and not get too clingy if I'm playing some music and spending time with my friends and family.

    • Jackson: (on a turn-off in women) If a girl is involved with another guy. I don't believe in the ideology of "if it's a different area code, it's not cheating," I think that's more of an "idiot-ology." Too many times I've been hit on by a woman with a ring (engagement and/or wedding), and it disgusts me, to be frank. Even if a woman has a boyfriend she is about to break up with... to me, it's wrong. I won't even consider flirting with a woman unless she is completely single.

    • Jackson: (His philosophy on life) Karma, but I don't mean to just expect good to come from your good deeds, but to be prepared for the inevitable low points of life. Good and Bad exist on the same plane and it is our plight as humans to experience both. "Be still and know", because even in the darkest times, the light will find you.

    • Jackson: (On what inspired him to play guitar) The musical Grease. I was playing the role of "Doody" and had to play guitar for the part. I fell in love with the guitar as soon as we met. Love at first song. Shame that the song had to be "Those Magic Changes" from Grease.

    • Jackson: During the movie Hurt, I got covered with sticky blood that congealed to my hairy legs. The costume designer Michele, bless her, helped me by trying to cut me free, but we eventually had to go by the band-aid method. Rii-iip.

    • Jackson: My hero would definitely be my father. He taught me everything about me that's good, and he still loves everything about me that's bad.

    • Jackson: I have turned down roles that I found morally reprehensible... but in the same breath I must concede that I love playing morally reprehensible characters. As long as it's tasteful and intelligent, and my family promises to never see it, I might do nudity... Might.

    • Jackson: (On a prank he would play on someone) I'd try to lock someone in their trailer with a pot belly pig. Most people don't find pigs cute, even though they're pretty harmless, so I think that would be a funny prank to play.

    • Jackson: I like roles I can sink my teeth into.

    • Jackson: Before I started my career in tv and film, the way I felt most comfortable expressing my feelings was through writing songs. It's the best way to express emotions.

    • Jackson: I'm all about nightlife. I live during the night.

    • Jackson (on being told he resembles Hugh Grant) Quite a bit actually. Yeah that would be great, where do I sign for that?

    • Jackson: (on when he learned how to box) When I was in elementary school, I was picked on by this kid a year older every morning at the bus stop. On picture day, he pushed me down so I jumped on his back and got into a scrape. My father taught me to box after that day.

    • Jackson: (on what kind of acting he prefers) Film these days, however the stage gave me my start and I still love to perform in front of a live audience.

    • Jackson: I have a recording studio in my apartment and my roommate is a singer, so we make music together.

    • Jackson: It's not exactly that I can't stay in one place. It's that if I'm in one place, I have to rearrange it every four to six months! I have to completely change my room!

    • Jackson: When I'm not acting, I'm working on music, writing and recording.

    • Jackson: I couldn't do without my guitar, Annabelle. When I picked it out, I thought, 'This is a great sounding Southern Resonator, and it needs an appropriate Southern girl's name'.