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  • This is a professional review from the perspective of working on set as a memeber of an economic entity. Not as a viewer. I respect the viewers and critics perspectives and feel the producers and production workers viewpoints add a richness and depth tomoreless

    Recently on set i have found this actress to be very polite and easy to work with. From what I have observed many of the crew feel the same.

    Jaclyn gives respet to the men and women working around and with her. She gets my full marks for making the demanding working day on set a little brighter and would be a very productive member of a happy production crew.

    I feel that this is an important consideration in choosing stars because the whole spirit and morale of the entire crew's efforts is exposed on film one form or another.

    I hope that my perspective here can be appreciated by fans and brothers/sisters alike.

    Thank you.

    Colin Bannon, BEng.

    Special Effects Department

    Six Lives Films Inc.

    Watch for her on Fox TV's "Reunion"moreless