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  • Jaclyn Linestsky was a talented actress. May she rest in peace.

    Jaclyn was an incredibly talented actress. She did such an amazing job on the first season of 15/Love. I know she will be missed greatly by her fans friends and family. I will miss her. I loved watching watch with Andy, Mega Babies, and even Caillou with my little sister because of her. Jaclyn was very pretty and she played Megan O'Conner perfectly. She brought so much life and fun to season 1 of 15/Love. I wish she was in all the other episodes. She was one of my favorite actresses in all time. May she rest in peace !
  • talented actress...she had a bright future ahead but it waz sadly destroyed..and i dunt even noe her but i grieve for her loss....

    R.I.P Jaclyn Linetsky
    she waz such a gr8 acteress....very funni gyal...i really enjoyed da episodez she acted in....i am soo sad she passed away....da world will mizz her greatly..i cryed myself
    she waz a very preety....active..talented teen.
    i wish she could of stayed longer in dz world
    so let her reast in peace...even though we will never see or hear her again :(
  • R.I.P. Jackie-Girl! *sniffle*

    Jaclyn Linetsky has been on 15/Love, and voice-acted for tons of things - Calliou, Mega Babies, and more.
    She was beautiful, talented, and a real rising star.
    It is such a shame that that had to be ended on sept. 8 2003, when, on the way to the set of 15/Love, she and co-star Vadim Schneider were killed in a car crash.
    I will forever remember them, as my fav actors ever. They should be famous world wide, but they aren\'t. Becuse of that tragedy, But we can still remember Jackie for her smile and laugh, and Vadim as well.
    Rest In Peace, you guys.
    Lotza Luv here.