Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith


1/21/1990, Monrovia, California, USA

Birth Name

John Jacob Charles William Smith



Also Known As

Jake Smith
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Born in Monrovia, California, Jacob was just four years old when he won his first role in an American Standard commercial by doing an imitation of Jim Carrey. He has a brother Nathanael and a sister Natasha. He was nominated for Young Artists Awards for his roles in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • He may be above average but trust me this dude will rock it because he's a Christian.

    He may be above average but trust me this human being is a Christian. Even though if he's Baptist I admire him for that. Yah he has that hair. But trust me at least he has good points like a guitarist in the band that is a wow I was just talking he's charisma and girls!!!!!
  • Jacob Smith is on top of his Game! Dude two words: I Love Jake wait, Dude three words: Jacob Smith is Talented!

    Jacob Smith is one the most beautiful guys out there! He has a lot going for him. Ever since he made Cheaper By the Dozen, he has remained unstoppable. Actually I have seen him before that. I first saw him in Small Soldiers and he was adorable! I thought he will never act again... Wrong! He is super duper talented and he is on fire! Jacob Smith is not only talented, he is gorgeous! Hopefully we get to see more of Jake in the future. I bet he would be on top of the world. Jacob Smith is the real deal and he is no wannabe kiddy actor. He is the hottest and the best actor in my book.

    Ok my personal view on Jake... I LOVE JAKE! He is hot hot hot! He is amazing! He is absolutely gorgeous and wonderful. He is the number one actor for me.I love Jake again.

    Jake, if you see this which I highly doubt... I have always liked you since I saw you in Small Soldiers, FYI, we were about the same age group. And then in Dragonfly which I hated since you didn't get that much credit, Great Performance! Hansel and Gretel was ok and I also liked the Phantom of the Megaplex too. I love Cheaper By the Dozen 1 and 2! I have seen all your movies and You Are Awesome! Do you believe me? You better...

    Dude two words: I Love Jake.

    Dude three words: Jacob Smith is forever.moreless