Jacob Vargas





8/18/1971 , Michoacan, Mexico

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Jacob Vargas started his acting career at the age of 12, after he was discovered breakdancing in a schoolyard. His first stint as an actor was a brief appearance as a breakdancer on the hit TV show "Diff'rent Strokes" (1978). In 1995 he won the very first ALMA Award (for Emerging Artist of the Year) for his work in both Allison Anders' Mi vida loca (1993) and Gregory Nava's My Family (1995).

Jacob has starred in films such as Selena (1997), Get Shorty (1995), American Me (1992), Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997) and the cult favorite Next Friday (2000) and Traffic (2000), which earned him a Screen Actors Guild Award and another ALMA Award. Jacob has also starred in John Moore's Flight of the Phoenix (2004) and Jarhead (2005).

In 2006, Jacob appeared in 3 other films, The Death and Life of Bobby Z, the historical drama-Bobby, and Alex Rivera's sci-fi political love story, The Sleep Dealer.

In 2001 Jacob starred in the independent film Road Dogz(2000), in which he was also the excutive producer. He also co-produced and starred in the stage play "Latinologues", which ran on Broadway in 2005.

Jacob is not satisfied with being labeled as just an actor. He has also been focusing his talents on writing and producing. Through his Third Son Production company he is currently developing several feature film and television projects.

Jacob is currently married and has 1 child.

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