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  • Jacob Young is very talented.He is 25 yrs old.He lived in Washington and Oregon.

    Jacob Young is an amazing actor as JR Chandler on ALL MY CHILDREN. He has an very original voice that soothes you when you hear him.He is young, handsome and charming.He will probably be big in Hollywood.Check him out on All My Children on ABC at 1pm Monday-Friday.Or buy his Cd. Which is AWESOME!!!!!!
  • Hunk Of Burning!!!

    Very sexy & talented actor.I personally think he & David Canary are the best actors on A M C.His character makes you love him one minute & hate him the next.Hats off to All My Children for obtaining this talented man.
    Deep down he really loves Babe; maybe they\'ll have a shot this time..
    Since they have Chandler Enterprises back---shouldn\'t some one be going back to work!???
    My only disappointment --was him falling for the fake Dixie--That must\'ve been some surgeon to actually take about 20years off!!!20 lbs off--breast reduction---- personality change-changed her voice--Even fooled Ol\' Palmer Cortland &
    Opal Cortland
  • Daytime Great...

    I have been watching AMC since I was a child, no one could better portray JR Chandler, then Jacob Young. His good looks, and piercing eyes are addicting. Jacob is able to make you hate "JR", but love him even more.
    He is a daytime great, and would be a daytime legend, like Anthony Geary. But, unfortunetly for soap fan's everywhere, I think Jacob is on his way up and out.
  • I love Jacob Young and would like to meet him someday he is so hot.

    I watch all my children all the time and thats is only to see jacob young he is a very good actor and a very nice guy i want to meet him so bad that wi the only wish i have and i wont stop till i do i will do anything to meet him i want to. Jacob Young is like the nicest guy on all my children. Has he played in any other movies or anything cause i want to know so i can get them. Is there a way i an write to him and or send him a message so i can just say hi to him.
  • He's really cute but a total jerk you never ever want to meet him!

    He is a total hottie but hes a real jerk... He was good friends with my dad and when I met him... I thought he was the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen....when I first met him he gave me a kiss on the cheek and he was gorgeus... I know where you can probably find him sometimes... in New York at a resturaunt called Coppola's its pretty good... thats where i met him... he says he goes to that resturaunt a lot but w/e... then my dad passed away and he didn't call, send flowers, or come to the funeral...hes pretty low........ Trust me hes a total jerk
  • Jacob played "Lucky Spencer" on "General Hopsital" and currently plays "J.R. Chandler" on "All My Children."

    Jacob is one of my all time favorite soap stars. I absolutely loved him as "Lucky Spencer" on "General Hospital." I thought no one could replace Jonathan Jackson as "Lucky" but Jacob did an amazing job. I was devastated when he decided to leave the role, but was equally thrilled when he soon joined the cast of "All My Children." Jacob does an awesome job of portraying "J.R. Chandler," a character who's a villain with humanistic tendencies, the perfect combination of his devious dad Adam and his sweetheareted mama Dixie. Jacob is also a great singer. I own his self-titled CD and listen to it all the time. I wish I could see him as Lumiere in "Beauty and the Beast" on Broadway. Plus, he's sooo handsome. I saw him in person at SuperSoap Weekend at Disney's California Adventure a few years ago and he is even better looking in person, if that's even possible. Catch Jacob weekdays on "All My Children" on ABC and SoapNet.
  • He is so cool, hansome, charming, very talented, a great actor, and if I could have I definitly think he would make the cut. And I think he is very deticated. He has good dreams and I think he will accomplish them one day.

    I definatily know he will make his dreams come true, he'll be happy with his careers he accomplishes in life, I know he's a wonderful and deticated actor, and lots of people like him for that. He is so cute, and I love him in the movie The Girl Next Door, that he was in 2003. He so cute, hansome, charming, a great actor, very deticated, cool, very good dreams he'll accomplish. He would definatly make a good brother if I could choose one. He probably is a good brother to his brothers and sisters. I hope he has a wonderful life.
  • Jacob Young is amazing! He is extremly talented and not to mention one of the most gorgeous men alive!

    Jacob portrays his charecter(JR) on All My Children perfectly. He has talent and is very fun to watch act on screen. Jacob is also a wonderful singer, I love his voice! Apparently my review has to be 100 words long well I don't have that much to say, and I wrote this review a long time ago I just want to delete it haha but I don't know how so anyways, Jacob Young is a great actor, although lately his charecter on AMC has been going downhill. (2007) Now I have nine more words to go, now three, now one!! Yes.
  • Started to become a great actor on AMC.

    Good actor.