Jacque Kessler

Jacque Kessler

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  • What can i say.. she's absolutely among the best.

    J. Kessler's eyes are dreamy; so unique and seducing. She is super hot. When she does her report I barely listen to what she says.. I stay glued and focused on her eyes and the movement of her lips. her smile is gentle; she doesn't have to force a great smile.. it just comes naturally. Besides her looks.. she possesses great talent. She has great speaking skills. The job she has is a perfect fit for her (though she looks like she could make a great nurse or a model). I don't know whether its her looks or her talents that got her the job. Well it doesn't matter.. she is the perfect choice for the job. Keep it up Kessler!moreless
  • she is the hottest, sexiest chick i have ever seen

    I can't believe that no one has said much about this girl. she is the hottest girl i have ever seen and should be a model. she almost looks like brittney spears. she should get her own shoew just walking around being hot. i love this chick, almost as much as michelle merkin.