Jacqueline Bisset

Jacqueline Bisset


9/13/1944, Weybridge, Surrey, England, UK

Birth Name

Winnifred Jacqueline Fraser-Bisset


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Jacqueline Bisset has been a renowned international film star since the late 1960s. She was first noted as a stunning on-screen beauty, but over time has become known as a true actress. Bisset has worked with directors John Huston, Franois Truffaut, George Cukor and Roman Polanksi. Her co-stars…more


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    • Jacqueline: The picture is called Class but the ad campaign is anything but. They've put my head onto another body and given me enormous bosoms. All the guys are going to be disappointed.

    • After filming The Deep, all they talked about was my tits for the next four years. God, if I was going to do a picture like that, I'd have done it a lot sexier. That looked like two fried eggs on a platter.

    • Jacqueline: I look at photos of myself and think, "God, if I had realized I was so cute, I would have been naughtier!" But you could put any woman in a wet T-shirt and men would lust after her.

    • Jacqueline: To be used in a part without depth is a frustrating feeling, when you know you have something to give.

    • Jacqueline: When I am working on a movie, all I want to talk about is the movie. All I want to be with are the movie people. It's like a clan. If I'm asked to people's houses for dinner, I hate to go, because they'll talk about other things.

    • Jacqueline: I grew up in a small town, so it was thrilling to come to London in the 1960s. Everyone was experimenting and having fun. We would go to Soho and meet all those incredible image changers: Roman Polanski, David Bailey, The Beatles, Ursula Andress and Terence Stamp, who is still a close friend.

    • Jacqueline: Character contributes to beauty. It fortifies a woman as her youth fades.