Jacqueline McKenzie

Jacqueline McKenzie


10/24/1967, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Birth Name

Jacqueline Susan McKenzie



Also Known As

Jackie McKenzie
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Jacqueline McKenzie started as a promising young Australian actress. After gaining recognition in Australia for her acting she moved to the US to try acting there.
She has finally achieved success with her current role starring in The 4400.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Her nickname is Jac Mac.

    • Jacqueline is 1.68 metres (5 foot 6 inches) tall.

    • Jacqueline is double-jointed in her fingers.

    • Jacqueline played Ophelia in the Neil Armfield directed stage production of Hamlet at the Belvoir St. Theatre.

    • Jacqueline married Bill Walter in 1996, before divorcing him in 2000.

    • Jacqueline dated her Romper Stomper co-star Daniel Pollock until he committed suicide in 1992 by jumping in front of a train just before the film was released.

    • Other movie roles for Jacqueline include Annie Williamson in Opal Dream (2005), Sherry in Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang) (2000), Samantha in Love from Ground Zero (1998), Penny in Freak Weather (1998), A Cut in the Rates (1997), Beryl Muddle in Mr. Reliable (1997), Joy in Roses in Red (1995), Viola in Traps (1994), The Girl in Talk (1994), and Vanessa Prescott in This Won't Hurt a Bit (1993).

    • Jacqueline played Margaret Court in the TV movies When Billy Beat Bobby (2001), Mary Davidson in On The Beach, Catherine Macaleese in the Australian TV Movie Kangaroo Palace (1997), Frankie Smith in The Devil Game (1997), Darcy Grimshaus in The Battlers (1994), Rachel in Stark (1993), and Penelope Seymour in the mini series All The Way (1988).

    • Jacqueline sparked attention for her role in the 1992 movie Romper Stomper.

    • Jacqueline's film debut was in the 1987 film Wordplay. She played the role of Pandora.

    • Jacqueline's stage debut was in Child Dancing for the Griffin Theatre Company.

    • In 1995 Jacqueline won a AFI Best Actress in a Leading Role for Angel Baby.

    • In 1994 Jacqueline received 2 Australia Film Institute Award Nominations for her roles in The Battlers and Traps.

    • In 1993 Jacqueline had been nominated for 2 Australian Film Institute awards for her roles in Stark and This Wont Hurt A Bit.

    • The song "Shy Baby" which featured in the season 2 finale of The 4400 ("Mommy's Bosses") is one of Jacqueline's songs.

    • As singer and songwriter Jacqueline is working on her first collection of songs.

    • In March 2001 she was given a Green Card for "Person of Extraordinary Ability".

    • Her portrait was painted by acclaimed artist Gary Shead for the 2007 Archibald Prize and won the award for "Best Portrait Painting Preferentially Of Some Man Or Woman Distinguished In Art, Letters, Science Or Politics."

    • Jacqueline graduated from the prestigious Australian National Institute of Dramatic Arts in 1990.

    • Jacqueline received an award for Best Actress in a Television Drama for Halifax f.p: Lies of the Mind.

  • Quotes

    • Jacqueline: (on The 4400) I thought it was very original, and I said, "This should be a hit." And it was. So I wasn't so much surprised as I was really pleased.

    • Jacqueline: We were all so incredibly sad over at The 4400 when our lovely show was not picked up for a season 5... and indeed when the wonderful fan petitions etc fell on deaf ears. We would have so loved to have continued the story of Promise City and the world under Jordon Collier! But it was not to be.

  • Very talented and extremely attractive.

    Jacqui has shown that her variable talents range from the molested, nyphomaniac and epaleptic Gabe from Romper Stomper to the more stable and sedate Jude from Peaches.

    Jacqui relies on her acting abilities and not the craft from the local plastic surgeon to enhance her career.

    And she has been blessed with extreme beauty and photogenic qualities, which Directors (with Romper Stomper aside) have not taken the easy road and exploited her beauty for cheap titilation.

    Jacqui is an honest and appealing actress and portrays the role of Diana Skouris better than anyone else could.

    Extremely underated and extremely a pleasure to watch when she is on screen.moreless
  • Surprised by how much I like her.

    I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed watching Jacqueline, she has a great acting prescence. As Diana she changed her role from a closed off up tight and slightly repressed all work and no play government agent to a good mom who struggles to uphold her morals and not hurt anyone in the process. She's a really great part of The 4400 and makes for a great lead character, though her recent story lines have left me a little less then pleased she is still great to watch.moreless