Jacqueline Pearce

Jacqueline Pearce


12/20/1943, Woking, England, UK

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Jacqueline Pearce is a British actress, best known for her portrayal as the ruthless, evil, and power-hungry Supreme Commander Servalan on the science-fiction series Blake's 7. Jacqueline was born December 20, 1943 in a hospital in Woking, Surrey, England, and was raised in Byfleet until the age of…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jacqueline appeared in the 2006 BBC documentary The Cult of Blake's 7.

    • Jacqueline appears in the science-fiction comedy drama CD series "Soldiers Of Love" as Madame Deephole.

    • Jacqueline said in an interview that her favourite piece of dialog as Servalan was in the episode "Sand": "There are no women like me, I am unique. That makes me rather dangerous."

    • Since April 2006, Jacqueline cares for orphaned vervet monkeys in Africa.

    • Jacqueline's film appearances include:

      - Sky West and Crooked (as Cammellia, 1966)
      - The Reptile (as Anna Franklyn, 1966)
      - The Plague of the Zombies (as Alice Mary Tompson, 1966)
      - Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River (as Pamela Lester, 1967)
      - White Mischief (as Idina, 1987)
      - How to Get Ahead in Advertising (as Maud, 1989)
      - Princess Caraboo (as Lady Apthorpe, 1994)
      - Guru in Seven (as Joan, 1998)

    • Jacqueline starred as Admiral Mettna in the first online BBCi Doctor Who Webcast "Death Comes to Time".

    • Jacqueline revealed in an interview that her favourite Blake's 7 moment was the seduction scene between her and Steven Pacey, who played Tarrant, in the episode "Sand".

    • Jacqueline appeared in the Big Finish Productions Doctor Who audio story "The Fearmonger" as Sherilyn Harper.

    • Jacqueline appeared as the voice of Servalan in the computer game "The Eye".

    • Jacqueline is afraid of spiders.

    • When Jacqueline was sixteen months old, her mother left the family and never returned.

    • Jacqueline has brown eyes and originally black hair, which is now grayish-black.

    • Jacqueline revealed in an interview that she would like to play Maria Callas.

    • Jacqueline prefers working on radio productions rather than television productions.

    • Jacqueline Pearce and Paul Darrow, who played Avon Kerr in Blake's 7, went to drama school together.

    • Jacqueline stars in the third volume of MJTV's CD series "The Actor Speaks".

    • Jacqueline's favourite novel writer is Charlotte Bronte, author of her favourite book "Jane Eyre".

    • Jacqueline originally wanted to become a ballerina, but she was too tall to pursue her dream.

    • Jacqueline has a cat named Caspar.

  • Quotes

    • (On her image as a sex symbol while playing Servalan):
      Jacqueline Pearce: I've never ever thought of myself as one and I still find it difficult to believe people are being serious when they say that. But it's true that men do find the character of Servalan quite sexy. They see her as cold and ruthless, which aren't particularly feminine qualities, but I suppose they regard that as a challenge. I imagine some men would get a kick out of trying to conquer her. But I think most men see Servalan as a woman who can be transformed by love, which is exactly what happens later in the series.

    • (On the question how her character Servalan felt about Avon):
      Jacqueline Pearce: I think she was potty about him, actually. I do. I think she was probably in love with him. And that's why, often, when she had a chance to annihilate him, get rid of him, destroy him, she didn't. So I think it was a very psychologically interesting relationship.

    • (On the question how deep she had to dig in her own personality to find Servalan):
      Jacqueline Pearce: I think she was my alter ego, but it was great shock when we met!

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