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  • Spoiled? Jada? Just look up Lost Cause or Gullible Parents in Websters, you'll see Jada's picture.

    This girl was rightly sent to Brat Camp. She is the consumate spoiled BRAT! When she tells you what she's been up to, you have to be good at math so you can multiply it expotentially. She says she had some friends over and smoked a joint= she had a party where the cops were called, snorted coke, and had sex. But, it's not Jada who's totally at fault. Her parents are SUCH enablers! Case in point, even after failing at Brat Camp, (a $22k venture) REFUSING to go to boarding school, and continuing to do drugs, they let her take her boyfriend out on their speed boat where she ran over a family!! Then again, why would they send this little ray of sunshine back to boarding school where she lives away from her drug habit supporting friends, can't have internet privledges, or (are you sitting down?) a cell phone? What could she possibly do there? Learn to respect authrority from people who aren't her "sucker" parents (Jada's word) and LEARN? Heaven forfend!

    I sincerely hope that after Mom and Pop saw the show, they got a real look at how Jada feels about them. (when she did her 3 day solo trip in the wilderness where she was supposed to think, the ABC staff interjected clips of Miss Priss talking about what suckers her parents are and how easily she can manipulate them) Hopefully they will not be persuaded that she was just kidding, doing whatever she had to in order to get out of there. Then again, seeing what affect her letters had on her parents, phone calls to the camp director saying they felt she needed to be removed from the program, Jada's knowledge that her oscar worthy pity parties do, in fact, move her parents to action is cemented. How long do these people plan to swoop in and soothe her pain?

    Jada lives in a parent made bubble. At her current rate, she will always be made to believe that the world is always good, she can do no wrong, and mommy and daddy will make everything right when she can't. It's gonna come crashing down at some point. Either they are going to pull back and make her experience the harsh reality of life or they are going to die, leaving her to fend for herself.

    Oh, yeah, she plans to have a singing career and won't have to worry about anything. Yeah, um, she sang on the show and she ain't going anywhere soon unless they have a great group of back up singers and a good sound board.