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In a gaming industry where the developers and designers are rarely seen, it is a rare and special case when one comes into the spotlight giving a name to a face. Game Producer Jade Raymond is one of those cases. After graduating college with a degree in computer…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He top five bands/artists are: The Arcade Fire, The Killers, The Shins, anything produced by Dr. Dre or little Louis Vega, The Pixies.

    • Her five movies are: Hero, Evil Dead 2, The Magnificent Seven, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Professional.

    • Jade's top five TV shows are: Lost, Alias, 24, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Six Feet Under.

    • Jade claims to be 25% Chinese, 25% Australian and 50% Canadian.

    • Raymond's height is 5'7".

    • Television Appearances for shows not listed at TV.com
      E3 2007 Conference: Microsoft Press Conference - Herself

    • Magazine Appearance:
      Game Informer Magazine

      June 2006, Issue 158, pages 53-61.

      Interviewed in Cover Story article "Assassin's Creed"

    • Some of Jade's fans consider themselves members of the "Jade Empire", after a video game of the same name.

    • Jade's favorite video game character is Donkey Kong. She particularly enjoys the Donkey Kong Country games found on the old Super Nindento Entertainment System (SNES).

    • Jade's current favorite video game addiction is to Resident Evil 4. Plus, she was lucky enough to get to interview Capcom designer Nate Williams who worked on the game.

    • Jade's public on-line username she uses to post on G4's and on The Electric Playground's forums is "IBJade". It is rumored that she also uses this name on Xbox live.

    • Jade has lead the creation teams for best selling entertainment titles for IBM and Crayola.

    • She developed the first ever massively multi-user 3D shopping experience program for Microsoft.

    • After presenting at the 2003 Game Developer Award's Ceremony, Jade was asked by The Electric Playground's Co-host and executive producer Victor Lucas to be a Co-host on his show.

    • Jade's first work on television was Co-hosting on The Electric Playground.

    • Jade considers being the night shift switchboard operator at a local hospital as the worst job she has had. She found it too stressful to have people's well-being depend on her responsiveness that early in the morning.

    • Raymond lead the team responsible for Sony Online's most trafficked offering, Jeopardy. Which at one time was played by over 3,000 users simultaneously.

    • Jade founded the first Research and Development group within Sony Online.

    • Jade was the producer of the popular The Sims: Online video game.

    • Jade has a weak spot for video games that feature monkeys.

    • While filming an interview for a The Electric Playground on a Star Wars game, kids were coming up asking for her autograph. Seeing her surrounded by Stormtroopers, fans thought she was Star Wars star Natalie Portman.

    • Along with her working on The Electric Playground, Jade makes games at video game developer Ubisoft.

    • Her first job after college was programming video games for Sony.

    • She once spent 10 hours each day for 3 months playing the game Everquest.

    • She lists CNET's GameSpot as one of her favorite websites.

    • Jade was a presenter at the 2003 Game Developer Award's Ceremony.

  • Quotes

  • No women, no games.

    Perfect Women

    I still do not believe that woman such is Jade Raymond even exist.

    I mean, she is a game producer,she likes video games and beside that she is gorgeous.

    Thats how I imagine my perfect women.

    P.S. Can anyone give me her phone number? Better one, here is my number +385989462928.

    '' A vi koji mislite da sam samo djetinjast i da sam budala koja se boji svijeta i života, razmislite...Koliko smo puta pokušali promijeniti svijet, koliko je revolucija došlo i prošlo, koliko smo puta patili i sažaljevali sami sebe zbog nemogućnosti da bilo što učinimo. I koliko god se mi trudili svaki dan smo sve stariji i stariji i sve je manje vremena. I polagano shvaćamo da koliko god se mi trudili ovaj svijet se neće nikada promijeniti i mi nikad nećemo moći ništa učiniti koliko god se trudili. I što nam preostaje? Prestati mariti i prepustiti se ovom svijetu da od nas napravi kreature, proklete zlom, gramzljivošću, zavisti, mržnjom. '' '' I ako bude sreće uvijek... uvijek će ono dijete koje sam bio biti dio mene, biti veliki dio onog što ja jesam.''moreless