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  • Awesome kid actor!!!

    I am not one to give praises to kid actors, usually they are pretty horrible (check my reviews if you don't believe me), but this time, I was blown away by Jae performance!!!

    And I will admit, I was wrong depicting all kid actors as clowns or puppets with bad manners.

    The Blind Side is an amazing film, but Jae acting was superb! He made the movie in more ways than one.

    Wow, the way he interacted with the lead characters, his poise and his way of delivering his lines were all well prepared and seem to be 'genuine', not rehearsed, which I know it sounds ridiculous because he obviously was coached, he rehearsed and was prepared, but that is exactly why I think/know he was great.

    He came across like a hyper kid that knew and did a little too much, but that is SJ profile/character. And yes he was over the top, but my guess, that is the way SJ acted when it happened in real life.

    I know I need to stop, because I REALLY love his acting and I don't want to jinx it, but Kudos to you kid, you made me a believer in kid acting. I will not dismiss child actors so easily in the future, and I will definitely hope to see more of your work in the future. Go break a leg!moreless