Jaime Bergman

Jaime Bergman


9/23/1975, Salt Lake City, UT

Birth Name

Jaime Bergman



Also Known As

Jaime Boreanaz, Jamie Bergman
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Jaime Bergman (born on September 23rd, 1975 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) is an American model and actress who was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month in January, 1999 and its 45th Anniversary Playmate. In addition to her magazine appearance she has starred in several Playboy videos…more


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    • (Asked if having a kid gets in the way of their sex life)
      Jaime: It sounds weird, but it's even more sexy when the baby is in the other room and you try to fit it in. You make it what it is. You come up with creative things and it works out. The next day, drinking coffee in the morning, we just look at each other and laugh about it. Our relationship is still very new.

    • Jaime: I don't mind being sexy, but I have a problem having my boobs in everyone's face all the time. I've been turned down a lot because of it.

    • (asked if she regret getting breast implants)
      Jaime: If I could go back to when I got them done, I'd shoot myself in the head. I should've gotten therapy instead. It seemed like the cool thing to do, but now it's working against me. I would never encourage anybody to do it. It made me even more insecure, because people started to look at that more than anything else.

    • Jaime: A sexy woman has confidence and intelligence and doesn't put anyone down to make herself look better.

    • Jaime: It's sad that people have the perception that blond women who do Playboy are automatically stupid. They don't realize that I'm using it as a business.

    • Jaime: I like people who are real, the rough guy who doesn't wash his hair for a week. I love imperfection. It's sexy.

    • (About the curse of well-endowed blond woman)
      Jaime: I don't know if it's a curse, because some people enjoy being seen as a T&A actress. I don't mind being sexy, but I have a problem having my boobs in everyone's face all the time.

    • "We're too busy busting whorehouses or solving murders. That's what makes the show so funny"
      - Jaime Bergman, commenting on her role as a lifeguard on Son of the Beach.

  • David Boreanaz's current wive.

    they met on valentine's day and have been together ever since.

    Was also born and rased in salt lake city utah she soon left to pursue a modelling career but later fell into acting.

    Her first role was on Howard Stern's Son Of The Beach series on Fox that lasted 3 seasons.