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  • Trivia

    • Jaime ranked #36 in Maxim's 2007 Hot 100 List.

    • Jaime and filmmaker Kyle Newman became engaged in May, 2007. She met Newman a year ago while working on the film "Fanboys", which he directed.

    • Jaime's movies in production:
      - Sin City 2 for 2008 as Goldie/Wendy
      - Fanboys for 2007 as Amber

    • Jaime's movies of 2006:
      - The Tripper as Samantha
      - True True Lie as Nathalie
      - The Alibi as Heather

    • Jaime movies of 2005:
      - Cheaper by the Dozen 2 as Anne Murtaugh
      - Two for the Money as Alexandria
      - Sin City as Goldie/Wendy
      - Pretty Persuasion as Kathy Joyce

    • Jaime has appeared in many magazines. She has been interviewed three times by Cosmopolitan, also has appeared in six articles on different magazines issues including Teen Vogue, Teen People, GQ and Cosmopolitan. She has pictures on 11 different magazines issues like Celebrity Skin, Playboy, Seventeen, Maxim, The New York Times Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Mademoiselle. And more impressive Jaime has appear in the cover of 14 magazine issues including Teen Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Details, Vogue, Elle and Scene.

    • Jaime appeared in the following Music videos:
      - Chariot by Gavin Degraw
      - Sexed Up by Robbie Williams
      - Take a Picture by Filter's in 1999
      - Wish You Were Here by Incubus in 2001

    • Jaime appeared in TV commercials for Revlon on 2002.

    • Jaime appeared in the Pirelli Calendar for 2002 as the month of April.

    • Jaime was named #28 on the Maxim Magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list.

    • Jaime was ranked #30 in Loaded's Hot 100 Babes in 2002.

    • Jaime was ranked #16 in Maxim's 50 Sexiest Women in 1999.

    • Jaime was ranked #20 in Stuff Magazine's 102 Sexiest Women in the World of 2002.

    • Jaime was a recovering heroin addict who went sober in 1997 after her boyfriend, fashion photographer David Sorrenti (younger brother of Mario Sorrenti), died after overdosing on heroin.

    • Jaime was a top model at the age 16, appearing as cover girl for The New York Time Magazine and other elite fashion magazines.

    • Jaime was named after Jaime Sommers, the character in the 70s TV show The Bionic Woman.

    • Jaime is one of the world's top fashion models.

    • Jaime's height is 5'9" (1.75 m).

    • Jaime's hobbies: Writing and Photography.

    • Jaime has several tattoos: A diamond on her wrist, two fairies on her lower back, a "King" between her shoulders, and a symbol on her lower back.

  • Quotes

    • Jaime: My teeth are crooked, but I love them because they give me character.

    • Jaime (Talks about her sex scenes on the movie Slackers): There are about a hundred people sitting there watching you and you're having sex with this guy and he's wearing a thong. You're trying not to laugh your ass off. You're licking his face and he's licking yours, and it's so gross and so nasty, but it's funny too. It's so outrageous, especially when you think 'This is my life; I'm getting paid to have sex with a guy in a thong!'

    • Jaime (On the huge wages models earn): The hardest thing is when you go home and realize that you've grown 10 years in 2 days.