Jaime Murray

Jaime Murray


10/27/1977, Essex, England, UK

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Jaime Murray


  • Season Two
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Even though Hustle may have been Jaime's first television appearance in a starring role, she comes from a rich acting pedigree. Her father, Billy Murray is a famous British television star, best known for his role as Sergeant Don Beach on ITV's long-running crime drama The Bill, and…more


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    • (Jaime's nickname for fellow "Hustle" co-star Robert Vaughn)
      Jamie: What we found out this year was that he used to be called 'Knobby' when he was in school. So I've been calling him 'Knobby', nobody else dares (laughing). So I call him 'Knobby Vaughn.'

    • (On starting out as an unknown actress on the British TV series, Hustle)
      Jamie: I'm so close to those boys now, but when I started, I was soooo intimidated. I was a nobody, with no experience. I didn't even know what to do with the camera! I thought the best thing to do was ignore it.

    • Jamie: Why did I want to be an actor? I wanted everyone to love me (Laughs). That's what they say in 'Chicago,' isn't it? More loooove!

    • Jamie: I was very bookish growing up, and I studied hard at school. My parents wanted me to have an academic career. So I ended up going to the London School of Economics, and studied philosophy and psychology, which was as close to acting as I could get in the academic world.

    • (On what was required for the role of Stacie in the UK series, Hustle)
      Jamie: Stacie was described as having 'legs that go on for miles'. I arrived for the audition in towering platforms. Later, after I got the job and had a meeting with the casting director, I felt safe wearing flip-flops.

    • (About her charcater Stacie)
      Jamie: She's intelligent, she's sexy, she's nobody's fool. She's cool, calm and collected. And naughty.

    • (On what she likes about starring in the UK drama, Hustle)
      Jamie: The stories let me play different characters in every episode: different accents, different costumes. So much fun!

    • (On her outfit in episode two of season two)
      Jamie: I must say I did feel a bit uncomfortable - the skirts were quite short, the material was really quite flimsy and my breasts were up and out there! It's not how I would choose to dress, but I do like doing things that are completely different to me, and that really was not me!

  • CEO of beautiful women

    British upbringing, actor father, drop-dead gorgeous, proven talent, great personality, screen presence without arrogance (she just belongs there no matter what the part)..... and so forth. All in all, a real winner and looks to have a great future as well. I will be watching her career.
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