Jaime Murray

Jaime Murray


10/27/1977, Essex, England, UK

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Jaime Murray


  • Season Two
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Even though Hustle may have been Jaime's first television appearance in a starring role, she comes from a rich acting pedigree. Her father, Billy Murray is a famous British television star, best known for his role as Sergeant Don Beach on ITV's long-running crime drama The Bill, and…more


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    • Jaime: (Jaime's nickname for fellow "Hustle" co-star Robert Vaughn) What we found out this year was that he used to be called 'Knobby' when he was in school. So I've been calling him 'Knobby', nobody else dares (laughing). So I call him 'Knobby Vaughn.'

    • Jaime: (On starting out as an unknown actress on the British TV series, Hustle) I'm so close to those boys now, but when I started, I was soooo intimidated. I was a nobody, with no experience. I didn't even know what to do with the camera! I thought the best thing to do was ignore it.

    • Jaime: Why did I want to be an actor? I wanted everyone to love me (Laughs). That's what they say in 'Chicago,' isn't it? More loooove!

    • Jaime: I was very bookish growing up, and I studied hard at school. My parents wanted me to have an academic career. So I ended up going to the London School of Economics, and studied philosophy and psychology, which was as close to acting as I could get in the academic world.

    • Jaime: (On what was required for the role of Stacie in the UK series, Hustle) Stacie was described as having 'legs that go on for miles'. I arrived for the audition in towering platforms. Later, after I got the job and had a meeting with the casting director, I felt safe wearing flip-flops.

    • Jaime: (About her character Stacie in the UK series Hustle) She's intelligent, she's sexy, she's nobody's fool. She's cool, calm and collected. And naughty.

    • Jaime: (On what she likes about starring in the UK drama, Hustle) The stories let me play different characters in every episode: different accents, different costumes. So much fun!

    • Jaime(On her outfit on Hustle in episode two of season two) I must say I did feel a bit uncomfortable - the skirts were quite short, the material was really quite flimsy and my breasts were up and out there! It's not how I would choose to dress, but I do like doing things that are completely different to me, and that really was not me!

  • Just.

    So. Dang. Impressed.

    I like Sci-fi so have been keeping up with Defiance. Honestly, the show is maybe a C+/ B-.

    Jaime Murray's character, Stelma, however, is a fcking A+.

    It's hard not to be corny as an alien sometimes, but Stelma just nails it.

    Somehow makes me super-like and super-dislike her at the same time(of course she is also very good looking, doesn't hurt). You can totally understand why Datak Tarr is so madly in love with her and wants to strangle her sometimes at the same time.

    This show would be doomed with her and Tony Curran, they are carrying so hard.moreless
  • CEO of beautiful women

    British upbringing, actor father, drop-dead gorgeous, proven talent, great personality, screen presence without arrogance (she just belongs there no matter what the part)..... and so forth. All in all, a real winner and looks to have a great future as well. I will be watching her career.