Jaime Murray





10/27/1977 , Essex, England, UK

Birth Name

Jaime Murray




Even though Hustle may have been Jaime's first television appearance in a starring role, she comes from a rich acting pedigree. Her father, Billy Murray is a famous British television star, best known for his role as Sergeant Don Beach on ITV's long-running crime drama The Bill, and as Johnny Allen in the BBC soap East Enders.


Her family discouraged her from acting and it wasn't until she moved away to attend college. As Jaime puts it, "My parents wanted the best for me and wanted me to do something which they considered to be a bit more reliable and constant than acting." It was while she was studying philosophy and psychology at the London School of Economic and Political Science (LSE), that she first caught the acting bug.


Clearly Jaime made the right decision by following her father's footsteps. After a few small roles in several television shows, Jaime made it big in the hit BBC series Hustle, where she stars as Stacie Monroe. As the team's "Lure" she is a master of the long con. At 5ft 7in (170 cm) tall, with dark brown hair and dark eyes, Jaime certainly knows how to command attention when on screen. In addition to her work in Hustle, Jaime appeared in the BBC series Shakespeare Retold. She played Bianca Minola in the episode of the modern retelling of The Taming of the Shrew. Jamie also made it big stateside, in a reoccurring role as the luscious Lila in the critically acclaimed second season of the hit TV series, Dexter.

In 2012, Jaime was cast in Syfy's hit series Defiance.

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