Jaime Ray Newman

Jaime Ray Newman


4/2/1978, Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

Jaime Ray Newman



Also Known As

Jamie Ray Newman
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  • Jaime Ray Newman on Eastwick.
  • Jaime Ray Newman on Eastwick.
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A native of Farmington Hills, Michigan, American actress Jamie Ray Newman may be remembered for her role as Kristina Cassadine on the long-running ABC daytime soap General Hospital. Her inclination towards the performing arts manifested early as her stage debut came when she was only 11 in Israelmore


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She has a little poodle mix named Daphne, whom she rescued from an animal organization called Hope for Paws.

    • She considers Julianne Moore as the celebrity she finds most beautiful and New York City as the city she loves the most.

    • She attended the Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan where she won the Corson Award for Outstanding Achievement in Acting.

    • Jamie Ray Newman once hosted Studio M Country based in Los Angeles, California. Studio M is an independent music video and entertainment network which plays a wide range of music videos from various genres.

    • In 2007, Newman landed major roles in two Fall Season pilots -- one was the title role in CW's political drama I Am Paige Armstrong and the other as the recurring character Tracy Faye in the ABC private investigator drama Marlowe. Neither of the shows were picked up by the respective networks.

    • During her stay at Northwestern University, Jamie produced and performed in How I Learned to Drive, a Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Paula Vogel.

    • Newman is a fan of the former US Vice President Al Gore.

    • It was Jamie's boyfriend who originally tried out for a part in the CW drama pilot I Am Paige Armstrong. After reading the script herself, she went on to audition and won the title beating out hundreds of other actresses who auditioned.

    • Jaime and her funk/soul/rock band School Boy Crush have played at various clubs in and around Los Angeles, California.

    • In 1997, she made her first onscreen appearance playing Bo in the action thriller Full Blast, starring the late David Carradine.

    • When she was six years old, Jaime used to sing at Bar Mitzvah parties.

    • When the actress originally cast as Tina in the "The Warsaw Closes" (2001) episode of The Drew Carey Show could not be reached, Jaime was pulled in to take her place by the casting director, for whom she worked as an intern.

    • An autographed mixed-media portrait of Jamie Ray Newman was done by artist Tim Sabatino. The original was priced at $15,000.00 while limited edition reproductions can be bought for $1,500.00.

    • Like actresses Selma Blair and Elizabeth Berkley, she attended Cranbrook Kingswood High School in Bloomfield, Michigan.

    • While she was in high school, Newman topped the Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Association state-wide dramatic competition for three consecutive years.

    • Film and TV Movie Credits:
      A Line in the Sand (2008) as Ann Marie
      Made of Honor (2008) as Ariel
      Sex and Breakfast (2007) as Betty
      Live! (2007) as Anchorwoman
      LA Blues (2007) as Jack's Ex-Wife
      Raw Footage (2007) as Rachel Graham
      Under the Mistletoe (2006) as Susan Chandler
      Hollis & Rae (2006) as Hollis Chandler
      McBride: Murder Past Midnight (2005) as Emily Harriman
      Wedding Daze (2004) as Teri Landry

    • Also a very good singer, Jamie once performed alongside the Los Angeles Philharmonic in "First Nights-Beethoven" at the Disney Concert Hall.

    • In 2003, Jaime starred as the only female cast member alongside David Schwimmer and Jonathan Silverman in the premiere of Turnaround by Roger Kumble. The critically-acclaimed Hollywood satire sold out for almost four months.

    • Newman is 5' 3" (1.60 m) tall. She has natural red hair and hazel eyes.

  • Quotes

    • Jaime Ray Newman: In this business, you have to enjoy the process because if you pin your self-worth on the outcome, you're screwed.

    • Jaime Ray Newman: As an actress. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to meet people who are inspiring and aren't afraid to creatively stretch themselves... So for me, the best part about this job is watching others who are really free within their craft and sharing in that creative energy.

    • Jaime Ray Newman: I come from a theater background, and onstage there's a real freedom. You can do whatever you want, within the confines of the character you've created, of course. Every night can be different and you don't have to be worried about hitting your mark, being lit in a certain way, etc.

    • Jaime Ray Newman: If I could have any magical power, it would be teleportation. It really is a brilliant idea. You don't have to worry about texting while you're driving. You never have to get a ticket. If you could just snap your fingers and be in Paris, can you imagine the dates that you could go on? It would be amazing!

    • Jaime Ray Newman: (on taking on the role of Michelle Pfeiffer for the TV adaptation of "Eastwick") How do you step into Michelle Pfeiffer's shoes? You know, it's like, I was definitely kind of overwhelmed when I got this job knowing that that's my predecessor.

    • Jaime Ray Newman: I did my first professional play when I was 12. A local theater came to my middle school to audition girls for a new Israel Horowitz play, and I got the gig. My parents first reaction was 'There are two people in this household with careers and you're not one of them'. But after much begging, they acquiesced, and away I went.

    • Jaime Ray Newman: (in a 2009 interview) I love romantic comedies, but I also love small indie dramas. I'd love to produce one at some point, and actually have something in the works right now. Small budgets don't scare me, I think they free you up to take risks and throw rules and regulations to the wind. And dream role? Anything far from myself -- accents, different time periods, etc. What's the fun of acting if you can't stretch your imagination wide?

    • Jaime Ray Newman: (comparing work on "Eastwick" and "Eureka") Eureka was definitely a male-centric show, but there are powerful, strong women on that series as well. It was a really easy transition for me. There were a lot of effects on Eureka, and we were working 16 hours every single day. So this is kind of a similar genre in that sense. But I am so grateful we're in L.A., because Eureka's in Vancouver. I like being home.

    • Jaime Ray Newman: I loved the science of Eureka. It was kind of an education in and of itself. Joe Morton was kind of our local scientist. He was our local encyclopedia. We'd always come to him, so I learned a lot on it.

    • Jaime Ray Newman: (on what she thinks of the "Stargate" shows) Didn't really know anything about them, but got a quick education while on set. They are great genre shows, really well executed, and fun to do. I like sci-fi a lot!

    • Jaime Ray Newman: (on her best memory on the "Stargate Atlantis" set) Learning to shoot the big gun! They took an afternoon to train me, but it never made it in the scene. It was incredibly fun to learn about though.

    • Jaime Ray Newman: (about working on the "Stargate Atlantis" set) Everyone is so generous and open. After a day working together it felt like family. I spent a lot of time with David Hewlett, Paul McGillion, and the writer Martin Gero. They made me feel right at home, and showed me Vancouver as well. Everyone really seems to get along and have respect for each other on the set. It was very easy going, yet the work ethic high. A great combination.

  • great actress

    i think shes such an underrated actress, in everything she does her character always ends up being likable no matter what they do. even if its something that would usually make the audience loath that character. I first saw her in Eureka where i loved her character Tess, after that i started watching Eastwick and although the show wasnt that great her acting still made it watchable. I also recently started watching Leverage where she appeared in the 3rd episode of the 1st season as a former love-interest of Eliot. And even though she acted like a b!tch towards a pretty lovable character somehow you still managed to sympathize with her.

    Shes been appearing on several shows, on all different networks and i hope this isnt the last of her. Maybe she'll get her own show soon...hopefully one better and more successful than Eastwick.moreless