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Jaimee Foxworth

Jaimee Foxworth


12/17/1979, Belleville, Illinois

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Jaimee was born on a military base in Illinois. She began modeling and doing commercials at age 5.

Her most recognizable work was playing Judy Winslow, the youngest daughter on the long running sitcom "Family Matters."

After 4 seasons on "Family Matters," her character simply walked…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Announced in December 2008, that she and her longtime boyfriend are expecting their first child together in 2009.

    • Jaimee's nickame is Foxy.

    • Another main reason she was cut from "Family Matters" is, because they writers and producer couldn't think of anything her charector could do and also that while on the show her charector, Judy, wasn't doing enough to stick around

    • Jaimee is the younger sister of actress, Tyren Perry.

  • Quotes

    • Jaimee: When I was on Family Matters, I thought the money was never going to stop, I thought I was never going to be broke. So I say to young girls, always have another option. Try to go for your dreams. Don't try to be just what you see on TV.

    • Jaimee Foxworth: When my mom found out what I had been doing, I'm glad she didn't judge me. I'm still young with a bright future ahead of me. I'm glad my mistakes are behind me now.