Jaimee Foxworth





12/17/1979 , Belleville, Illinois

Birth Name




Jaimee was born on a military base in Illinois. She began modeling and doing commercials at age 5.

Her most recognizable work was playing Judy Winslow, the youngest daughter on the long running sitcom "Family Matters."

After 4 seasons on "Family Matters," her character simply walked upstairs and never returned (with no explanation to the story line either). Rumors of budget productions and simply that the writers no longer wanted to develop her character were some reasons to explain her sudden and mysterious disappearance.

Jaimee graduated from Burbank High School in 1998.

She also had a brief career in music with her sister. Their group was called S.H.E. They were also signed by SHAQ. Their band may also be known as Heaven Sent to some fans.

Jaimee's mom is a well known singer and actress named Gwyn Foxworth.

Jaimee is attempting to return to mainstrem acting by attending auditions. When she is not auditioning, she is working as an assistant in her mom's talent agency.