Jake Abel

Jake Abel


11/18/1987, Canton, Ohio

Birth Name

Jacob Allen Abel



Also Known As

Jacob Abel
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Jacob Allen Abel was born in Canton, Ohio on November 18, 1987. He has guest starred on multiple TV shows and been in a couple of movies.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • His hobbies include photography, writing, and film & music editing.

    • Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, This Boys Life, The Basketball Diaries, Ray, Primal Fear, Hotel Rwanda, Sin City, Dumb & Dumber, and Anchorman are Jake's favorite movies. His favorite books are Eragon, The Road Less Traveled, The Hobbit, and How To Win Friends & Influence People. His favorite color is blue. His favorite sport teams are the Cleveland Browns and the Cleveland Cavaliers. His favorite shows are Project Greenlight and Family Guy.

    • Jake has two dogs: Cooper and Maya.

    • Jake is 6' 1" (1.85 m).

    • His father's name is Mike and his mothers' name is Kim.

    • Jake has one brother named Shaun.

  • Quotes

    • Jake: (on making specific choices as an actor) No choice is the wrong choice as long as you make a choice. The only wrong choice is choosing not to make one.

  • Jake Abel performance at The Host

    My favorite character, performance, and actor in The Host movie. Jake Abel as Ian O'Shea his performance was superb. As great as the author describe in her book. He going to be one of my five favorite actors from now on. Can't wait to see his performance in Percy Jackson Sea Monster, Ghost of the Pacific and Supernatural.
  • he is a good actor, but i found that he didnt fit in the role of the son and brother of dean and sam ,sorry.

    he is a good actor, but i found that he didnt fit in the role of the son and brother of dean and sam ,sorry. i think for the role they should the use somebody more charismatic,to be more real and catch with the role. because the father and the 2guys, are very charismatic,posture , attitude , and charme.

    sorry this actor wasn t good for this role , nobody believes that could really be the son of john or the brother of the two. they should the find some one more in the same profile.

    but the episode was great (just this upset me ),

    i love the showmoreless