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  • Jake Abel performance at The Host

    My favorite character, performance, and actor in The Host movie. Jake Abel as Ian O'Shea his performance was superb. As great as the author describe in her book. He going to be one of my five favorite actors from now on. Can't wait to see his performance in Percy Jackson Sea Monster, Ghost of the Pacific and Supernatural.
  • he is a good actor, but i found that he didnt fit in the role of the son and brother of dean and sam ,sorry.

    he is a good actor, but i found that he didnt fit in the role of the son and brother of dean and sam ,sorry. i think for the role they should the use somebody more charismatic,to be more real and catch with the role. because the father and the 2guys, are very charismatic,posture , attitude , and charme.
    sorry this actor wasn t good for this role , nobody believes that could really be the son of john or the brother of the two. they should the find some one more in the same profile.

    but the episode was great (just this upset me ),

    i love the show
  • Jake is a very good actor. He had a spectacular role in Go Figure. He was only there for moral support. A co-star that brought out the true meaning of the movie!

    Jake Abel is a very talented actor, and should be doing more movies. He's charming and can def. steal the spotlight from any role. He really brings out true meaning of the roles he plays. Ireally really love Jake because he's really hot and really cute. He should have his own show.
  • I think Jake should have been used more in Disney's movie "Go Figure" they should have played up the obvious connection between Spencer and Katelin I was waiting for a big kiss between them in the end.

    He should have been used more in Disney's movie "Go Figure" they should have played up the obvious connection between Spencer and Katelin.Oh did ayone else relize how hot he is to i hope to see him preforming more soon btw he should have his own show !!Does anyone know how to contact him ?
  • Katelin Kingsford (Jordan Hinson) had to play on the hockey team in order to follow her dream with figure skating. Spencer (Jake Abel), a student coach, was tough on her because she was couldn’t do anything the right way. Towards the end, they grow a love

    Jake had a major impact towards the end of the movie with Katelin. He should have been in more scenes with her to make more clear that Spencer and Katelin starting getting a love interest for each other. While I was watching the movie for the first time I thought only Spencer liked Katelin. Once I read a summary of the movie, I realized Katelin liked him too. I watched it again to try to figure it out. Katelin did give him a short kiss, but it was only a peck on his cheek. You can tell both of them liked that though. She just was not as obvious about it. They needed more scenes together & a kiss! I also have to add that Spencer is really hot, so I don't know why Katelin wouldn't like him!
  • I Love Jake. He's charcter, Spencer, was my favorite in Go Figure.

    I agree with everyone when they said Jake should have gotten more scenes. I mean out of all the charries in the movie, Spencer was my favorite. He is really hot! And also, I agree he should have his own tv show, he'd be really good in it. Go Jake!
  • Jake Abel - an incredibly talented teenager.

    Jake is an incredibly talented 18 year-old actor. He has worked on shows such as "Summerland" and Threshold, the Disney movie "Go Figure" and is currently working on the Adam Sandler movie "Strange Wilderness." He greatly appreciates his fans and also issues a monthly newsletter. On the CBS series "Threshold," Jake played a boy named Brian Janklow who was infected by an alien signal at his military academy in Virginia. He has appeared in two episodes, though he filmed three. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled mid-season and the third did not air. he is a principle character in that many different theories and ideas about the aliens have come about because of his character. In the movie "Go Figure," Jake did an astronomical job at portraying the teenage student hockey coach who also happened to be the main character's (Katelyn Kingsford, played by Jordan Hinson) love interest. He did an excellent job of demonstrating all of the many emotions his character had. The new movie "Strange Wilderness" by Adam Sandler, showing the story of two men who go to the Andes Mountains to search for Bigfoot, is being produced in an effort to boost ratings of the show with the same title. Though his part is minor, I am sure he will be "abel" to captivate the audience with his stunning performance. In addition to his extraordinary talent, he is also very, very, good looking with light brown hair spiked in his casual manner and gorgeous deep blue eyes, he will have every teenage girl swooning before long. For more information, please visit his official site: www.jakeabel.com. There, you can sign up for his monthly newsletter and there is an address to where you can send fanmail. With the enormous amount of talent and good looks Jake posesses, I am sure that we are bound to see more of him in the near future!
  • Jake is awesome!

    Jake Abel was great in Go Figure and The Suite Life! I really liked him in TSL though- he was funny and it was a great episode. He's also really cute! x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
  • Not Jordan

    Jake was a very good actor on "Go Figure", but he didn't even have a role, except for being the sex appeal. The story should have been a guy(Jake) who wants to be the worlds best figure skater, but he has to win a scholarship playing hockey, inorder to train with the best. Not the other way around.