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    • His hobbies include photography, writing, and film & music editing.

    • Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, This Boys Life, The Basketball Diaries, Ray, Primal Fear, Hotel Rwanda, Sin City, Dumb & Dumber, and Anchorman are Jake's favorite movies. His favorite books are Eragon, The Road Less Traveled, The Hobbit, and How To Win Friends & Influence People. His favorite color is blue. His favorite sport teams are the Cleveland Browns and the Cleveland Cavaliers. His favorite shows are Project Greenlight and Family Guy.

    • Jake has two dogs: Cooper and Maya.

    • Jake is 6' 1" (1.85 m).

    • His father's name is Mike and his mothers' name is Kim.

    • Jake has one brother named Shaun.

  • Quotes

    • Jake: (on making specific choices as an actor) No choice is the wrong choice as long as you make a choice. The only wrong choice is choosing not to make one.