Jake Bern

Jake Bern


Berkeley, California

Birth Name

Jacob Degen Bern


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Jake Bern grew up in the Bay Area doing regional theater and independent films. His inspiration for acting came from his experiences as a child at Camp Winnarainbow, Wavy Gravy's performing arts camp where he learned to improvise, juggle, and project very, very loudly. Jake attended UCLA School…more


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  • Jake Bern is a soon to be star...

    I recently met Jake Bern at an audition in Los Angeles. He didn't land the part, but he wasn't particularly right for the part. However, he impressed the director, producers, and particularly me (I was casting) so much that I felt it was only right to acknowledge him. I see hundreds of actors a week, but there are always a few that stay with me and make a lasting impression. Jake is one of these actors - I saw his theatrical reel, and he has had some very impressive guest stars on major network television shows. I googled him, and I was surprised at how much he's done; commercially, theatrically, as well as his own projects. The Daily Sports Show - although technically lacking - is surprisingly well written, and the repertoire between Jake and Mike (Barber) is one of a kind. I've been in this town a while, and Jake is a true talent. I wish him continued success, and I have a feeling that his name will not be unknown for long.moreless