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Jake Glaser

Jake Glaser

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  • Starsky and Hutch was a wonderful show.

    TO: Those that saw the Jake Glaser Interview 3/31/08 on HIV/AIDS. In love I share this with the Glaser family and friends.

    I just watched the interview with Jake Glaser this morning

    and felt it was very SAD that this story came

    out to "promote" AZT, a drug that probably

    caused his mom and sister's death - and his life

    is saved because he is not on such a drug. Why didn't that show do a story on the December 2007 VERDICT of the women that won millions because

    of the HIV tests - and showed she had signs of AIDS

    "from" the medicine? I had hoped the days were over

    that the pharmaceutical companies were going to cover

    for these drugs. I do not believe there is anything called HIV (no virus), but that the HIV medications CAUSED AIDS. Instead Jake Glaser - in my opinion should be SUEING for wrongful death of his mom and sister, and not promoting AZT as a miracle drug - when it could have been what killed two members of his family. Maybe he just believed a LIE all these years, and needs to know the truth, and can "someday" be a spokesperson to really HELP.

    Please get this information to Jake - so he can at least do his own research on HOW his mom and sister died. The truth sets us free! I don't think he knows the truth. Jake seemed like such a nice kid - I felt he really should have this information. I know someone from high school that took AZT and died too, and left behind a daughter with no mom (she also died after her boyfriend died). I also believed the HIV lie too - UNTIL I meet a homeless man in Times Square that told me and someone I was with that day..that he was diagnosed with HIV back around 1982 along with about 5 of his friends (all drug users - with needles) and his friends took the AZT and felt great for weeks (as at first it killed off all bad viruses in their body assumably - but THEN it supposably kills off your natural immune system - what fights sickness and ends up killing you from my understanding) and then a long painful death that took about 8-9 years. The homeless man lived on the street - did drugs and drank alcohol, smoked - etc., and is a HEALTHY man to this day...still living on the streets and NEVER got AIDS - and still reads HIV positive. The ONLY one of his friends ALIVE and the difference is - he did NOT take the AZT and his friends did. I hardly call AZT a "miracle drug", maybe a better word could be (in my opinion) is a DEATH SENTENCE to those that take or took it. I am not sure if they even use it anymore - because of so many deaths and the controversy of the drug.

    He needed to take a look at these webpages:



    Posted: 11/27/07 4:55 am

    RETHINKING AIDS.............