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  • Great actor and hot.

    Perfect in "Brokeback Mountain". Funny.
  • I love this guy! He's so cool.

    I really enjoyed his performance on the movie October Sky which is based on a true story. he plays Homer Hickam, who becomes a rocket scientist who helped with the 1969 moon landing. I haven't seen many of his movies but I liked his acts on Saturday Night Live. He is good looking and a good actor. He was also in The Day After Tomorrow. He and Maggie escaped from a fire in a Californian hotel where they were staying at. Thank the Lord he and his family didn't die because he and Maggie are awesome actors. I hope to see him more and more in the furture!
  • Major hottie...

    Jake Gyllenhaal is a great actor, but I first started liking him only becuase he's hot. The first movie I saw him in was The Bubble Boy. I didn't care for that movie. It was pointless and stupid, but Jake was in it, so I have to give it some credit. Another movie I saw him in was October Sky. I had to watch that movie in school a few months ago, and I really liked it. Jake was perfect as Homer. He was also really hot. The movie that best shows his hotness is Day After Tomorrow. That movie was amazing! Jake played Sam Hall, the son on a climatologist who realized the world was in serious trouble from tornadoes, hurricanes, and a new ice age. Sam's dad was the hero, but so was Jake. He looks even hotter as a hero.
  • Fantastic actor! One of the best around today

    From Donnie Darko to Brokeback Mountain - the diversity of this guy is endless! Wowed me in Brokeback, even though i'm straight, I could feel the story and the history between the two. Such strong acting! Recently saw Zodiac, and he was just as brilliant in that. He has a vulnerability about him, but also comes off strong and confident! One of the best actors around today, and I hope he gets awarded properly for his success!
  • His talent is endless!!

    Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood. He has gone to great lengths to depict many different people and emotions. Some of his best performances were in Donnie Darko and Brokeback Mountain. In both of these movies he had to push himself to the ultimate extreme. There are not many actors that would put themselves out there in the ways that he does. He has conquered every single different type of role there is out there. He has done drama to comedy and every one he brings something different to the table. He is dedicated to the work and will do anything to make a great film. He is definately underrated but he will make it big.
  • Jack to Jimmy

    I remember first watching Jake as Jimmy, in the mocking role of Bubble Boy. Hilarity, that's the only word I can think that describes his performance and the movie over all. Watchin him after that was like watchin a true actor emerge. He went into stellar roles and amazing work, returning to his Donnie Darko days of very unique roles. As Jack Twist in the beloved yet controversial Brokeback Mountain he made me love him all the more. A great performance, in a great movie. The boy isn't afraid to be daring but has such a sullence demeanor that you sometimes forget just how much of screen prescence he can be.
  • His talent is indescribable!

    Jake Gyllenhaal is, for lack of a better word, friggin amazing. Seriously. He's one of the most talented actors in Hollywood now and I can't wait to see more of his work. Anyone who doubts his talent should see Brokeback Mountain or Donnie Darko. Those are two very different roles that I couldn't imagine anyone else playing. But if you've seen those and still aren't sold, see Moonlight Mile. That movie is not as well known as the two I already mentioned, but the cast (Jake, Dustin Hoffman, Susan Sarandon) is fantastic and Jake gives an unbelievable performance. Jake has given nothing but superb performances since he started out, and I for one look forward to a long career from him. And it doesn't hurt that he's certifiably gorgeous, either!
  • Jake Gyllenhaal is a very talented actor and a very cute at that one!

    Jake Gyllenhaal is known for being in many movies like Brokeback Mountain and many more. He also dates Kristen Dunst off and on again and again. He has a sister who is Maggie and a father who is renowned director and a mother. His sister and him has starred in a movie together. Jake also is known for doing some scenes in Brokeback Mountain which actors have teased him about. Movies has also teased the scenes between him and Heath Ledger. In Scary Movie 4, two actors played out a scene where Jake and Heath do a smokey scene which was in commercials.
  • All I can say Is WOW!!!!

    Jake Gyllenhaal Is the best actor I ever seen he is so Funny and down to earth I just love him!!!!! I love his movie BrokeBack Mountain the best movie I ever seen He was so sexy with the Cow Boy Hat on YummY!!!!! I think he is just a sweetie nice and funny and really nice to talk to. He has done lost's of good movies and they all kicked ass!! He is the best actor in the hole world and you could not find better I will always be Jakes #1 Fan for ever and ever Jake Rocks!!!
  • Jacob Gyllenhaal

    Jake, oh Jake. What a splendid actor. What a beautiful man. I don't think I have ever seen a man as beautiful as Jake. But yet he maitains a a very manly innoucence. Everything he stars in is a success, not just a small success, a very large success. This guy is just fantastic. I usually don't get excited about any actors, although I am a big fan of many but Jake just has it all. He has a boyish and manly face at the same time, is a great actor and I wish I could meet him. That would make my day.
  • I love him!

    Jake Gyllenhaal is a great actor. He is cute atractive and always does his job. I think he will go far in life. He has everything required in a good actor, looks, talent , cute voice. Hes been getting alot of popularity lately and Im happy for him. Another great actor of this century.
  • THIS MAN IS HILARIOUS!!!!! Great actor lemme just tell u!

    Oh My God, what can I say about the sexy Jake Gyllenhaal! He is a very funny actor...I mean his life it is hilarious!...I was reading the trivia this site has on him and I was laughing soo hard that it made me cry!

    When he did Bubble Boy, I fell in love, but the sad part is that someone told me he was Toby Mcguire...So sorry about that Jake because I was giving Toby all the credit for your acting.

    The next movie I saw him in was October Skys and I fell in love again but I got his name right this time. I love the rocket thing, it was soo coool.

    Now it comes to The Good Girl....which I hated because she betrayed him!!!! grrrr...but Jennifer Aniston is still jack funkin twist coool

    The Day After Tomorrow, oh my god was that movie good!!! I hated when he kissed that girl though just because I wanted him for me =)

    Now I come to teehee BrOkEbAcK MoUnTaIn!!!! This Moviwe Was The Best Movie I Ever Seen...It Made Me Laugh Soo Hard!!!! Even though I don't think that was the purpose of it, but it did have its points where I felt like I was going to cry!!! I loved him Jack Twist or as Ennis Del Mar says Jack Fu*king Twist!!!!

    So overall I love this Actor with a passion. He is Jack Funking Twist!!!!!
  • Amazing, Talented, Sexy

    Wow this man is one of the most talented actors of our generation. Not only that but is so kind to his fans. He loves his fans because he says without them he'd be no where. His movies are spectacular and beautiful. And oh yes he is very attractive. That just the icing on the cake. Deffinetly one of the sexiest men alive
  • HOTT

    he is so hot. I
  • Wonderfull actor in BBM

    He is a really talented, convincing and credible as Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain. I wasn't much fond of him before, his character in The Day after Tomorrow was a bit borring and not very realistic. To me he just did one of the most out-standing acting performance ever, I had never been touched that much by any character before, and it's sure because of Jake Gyllenhaal marvelous job.

    ( He was also quite good in Jarhead but the movie itself was, to me, a total boring failure, nothing happens during the whole movie, it is empty like a jar ).
  • jake is such an awesome guy!!! how could any one think different?

    I met him and he was super nice!!! he took a picture with me and then he gave me a hug!! when he said that he did not play a gay cow boy he was probally joking! Anyway hes my favorite actor and stuff!! HES SO HOT!! I just love him!! ! ! !
  • After reading Details Magazine interview with Jake...

    I actually loved Jake Gyllenhaal before I read the Details interview...Now I think he is a freaking idiot. How this dumb kid could say that the main characters in Brokeback Mountain are not gay, is beyond comprehension. He goes as far as to say that they are 2 straight guys that fall in love is at best laughable. Look, Jake, if a guy is taking it up the azz from another guy and he likes it and better yet, develops loving feelings for that guy then, he is a homosexual or at the very least bisexual. There is nothing straight about the guy except "straight up his azz", Okay? I am very disappointed at how dumb this kid was. I really liked him too. He doesn't want to be called "down to earth". He is tempramental on set. WTF? This dude sounds like a snot.

    Jake is very talented, original, handsome,cool (at least). I love him in "The Day After Tomorrow", because he played there VERY good. I can`t tell about him bad, because he is very good. So I wish I could see him in real life! He is really so amazing, like all people think and tell!
  • A very talented actor and VERY hott!

    Jake Gyllenhaal is a very talented actor and a very hott one too! I really liked him in october sky! I think he does a very good job at playing the role of his character! I also thought his movie, "bubble boy" was very funny too! He has really taken himself far!