Jake Harris

Jake Harris


10/23/1985, Seattle, Washington, USA

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Jake is Captain Phil Harris's youngest son and hails from Seattle, Washington. Jake serves as deckhand beside his brother on the F/V Cornelia Marie, his father's boat. He was made a full share deckhand after his second season on the boat. In the summer months Jake fishes halibut…more


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  • In a very short time he has mastered most of the job, and I was delighted when phil decided to make him a full share. He is really tough and I never heard him whinge or complain (except being on a 3% share!) He is going to be a great captain one day.moreless

    This guy is going to make a very good captain one day, but he is still trying to run before he can walk. He is headstrong and he needs to realise that he still has alot to learn. If he listens to phil and learns from him then he will progress faster. He does not talk much about how he feels, but more about what's happening on the boat which is a testement to his maturity and his development into captain material. He always gives the impression of being oblivious to the hardships and focussed on the job. I want to see more of him because he is intelligent and strong. In short, that kid impresses the hell out of me. Phil must be very proud of him, but concerned that his own son has chosen such a dangerous job.moreless