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  • His name is under 'Hot' in the dictionary.

    Jake Richardson is by far one of the most talented actors I've ever seen. He can cry on cue and he excels in a great number of sports. And course, he's beautiful! I cried when he died in Cold Case and I also cried as he suffered in House. The way he acts seems so authentic which makes me love him even more! I honestly think he should play Edward Cullen in the Twilight series. He has the perfect features; unfortunately, Robert Pattinson has the spot. He is to appear in Garden Party so I can't wait to watch the movie! I hope to see more future roles from him because he's so darn talented!
  • I just recently seen Hangmans curse and I literally fell off the couch!!!!! When I seen Jake Richardson for the first time, so I thought.

    Jake Richardson is seriously the sexiest guy i've ever seen in my life, as well as Johnny Depp, but seriously I know every girl would agree with me, he is drop dead gorgous,
    but looks isn't all tht counts its a plus but there has to be something else intresting, right? Yes. I also think he is an amazing actor, I fell in love with Hangmans Curse, but I also am now drooling over another person I will never ever in a million years be able to meet. Which is quite disappointing, but you get used to it, you cant have everything, but anyways Jake Richardson, back to the topic, when i said, "so I thought," on my summary meaning Ive seen him before, not literally in person but in another movie, Honey we shrunk ourselves, I always had this itsy crush on Mitch in that movie, I knew he would become an amazing actor, but a total babe too. Wow, amazing, looks and talent the perfect package, what else could a girl ask for? But hopefully he'll suceed with his dreams and career, & I know for a fact with that talent and that face he'll go far. Written by Angela Valentino
  • Jake is sooooooo hot and a grate actor.

    I loved him in hangman's curse, those spiders freaked me out tho. I almost cryed when he tried to kill him self i knew it wasnt really gonna happen but it freaked me out i was like AHHH! ! ! but im happy that he and cyrstal diddnt die and they lived hapiely ever after. :) and he changed his hair back and I link he looked better with the lip ring
  • This guy is under appreciated, by far.

    I would first like to say, that I first saw Jake on the tv show "Fudge", when I was quite a bit younger, and I instantly fell in love with both the show, and him. He was absolutely brilliant in "Fudge", even at aged twelve, you couldn't fault him. I only wish they would bring back this show, the kids shows these days are unbearable, 90's kids shows were far superior. I recently saw Jake in an episode of "Cold Case", and I thought he was brilliant in it, I also saw him in "Bones", reminding me what a great actor he is, and how he is in much need of having a starring role in a show or film. Jake seems to pick brilliant roles, as opposed to roles that will shoot him to fame, I think we have a new Johnny Depp on our hands! His reoccuring brief appearances in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks II forfilled his dream of working with director Kevin smith (and who wouldn't want to work with Kevin? His movie's are pure masterpieces!), maybe Kevin will help get Jake noticed, as Tim Burton did with Johnny. I plead you television producers, etc. take notice of Jake's talent, and we will hope to see him more in the not too distant future!
  • Jake Richardson is hot.

    Jake Richardson is one my favorites. The first time I ever heard of him was really on his episode on Cold Case. His character was so totally believeable and I could get a feel for him being that psycho teenager with problems. I really hope he gets into more roles. He is very very hot. I just saw him in the Jay & Silent Bob film, even though Jake Richardson seemed to have a very small role in the very beginning, I was entertained with his 5 minutes of fame. I hope he gets his own t v series soon.
  • Hangman's Curse. He worked wonderfully in it. I enjoyed watching him and the movie.

    He is the most Beautiful and talented man I have ever laid eyes on. I just recently watched him in " Hangman's Curse" I fell in love with the character that he played so well. I hope to spread his name around so that everyone may know what a great actor he is.I hope to find more movies with him in them. I simply enjoyed watching his acting.
  • I think that he will be a great actor, and I think that he has many more roles to play! It's just sad that no one's heard of him yet. I'm spreading the word!

    No one's even heard of him... I think he was amazing. I saw him in Cold Case and it made me really think. It was different, becasue Cold Case never affected me because someone would die and I would think "crap happens". But I saw the episode "Detention" with Jake Richardson as Trevor in it, and it tore me apart inside because it's like "crap is happening" even in my school. I felt so bad, because it kept going over in my head "nooo, he's the good guy!" I think he has really great things to come, and I'll support him (and try to help him get there!)
  • I love Cold Case and I watch it all the time. Jake played this part with no flaw and I could really feel the emotion of being sixteen again. I felt as if I knew him and wanted to cry in the end cause he didn't want to die.

    Jake Richardson, wow this show was so moving and he did a flawless job with it. Everyone in the show just worked so well together and it felt as if I was steping in time when I was sixteen, as well as now, and being depressed. I can so relate with this and it was amazing to see it played out. As soon as I saw him in this show I had to watch it, he's really hott! I'd give anything to know more about him, as well as know him!! He will go so far, I know it!!!