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  • I just recently seen Hangmans curse and I literally fell off the couch!!!!! When I seen Jake Richardson for the first time, so I thought.

    Jake Richardson is seriously the sexiest guy i've ever seen in my life, as well as Johnny Depp, but seriously I know every girl would agree with me, he is drop dead gorgous,
    but looks isn't all tht counts its a plus but there has to be something else intresting, right? Yes. I also think he is an amazing actor, I fell in love with Hangmans Curse, but I also am now drooling over another person I will never ever in a million years be able to meet. Which is quite disappointing, but you get used to it, you cant have everything, but anyways Jake Richardson, back to the topic, when i said, "so I thought," on my summary meaning Ive seen him before, not literally in person but in another movie, Honey we shrunk ourselves, I always had this itsy crush on Mitch in that movie, I knew he would become an amazing actor, but a total babe too. Wow, amazing, looks and talent the perfect package, what else could a girl ask for? But hopefully he'll suceed with his dreams and career, & I know for a fact with that talent and that face he'll go far. Written by Angela Valentino