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    • Jake Smollett's favorite movies are The Great Debaters, Eve's Bayou, I Robot, I Am Legend, Sorry Wrong Number, Psycho, Guess Who's Coming to DInner, Sudden Fear, Strangers on a Train, Glory, American Gangster, Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Orange County, and Bad Boys.

    • Jake Smollett was home schooled by his mother Janet with his other siblings.

    • Jake Smollett's favorite movie is "Sudden Fear" a horror film from the 50's.

    • Jake Smollett is participating in a fund raiser for Artists for a New South Africa (ANSA) where he will spend a day with the winner on the set of "The Middleman."

    • In 1995, Jake Smollett was nominated for a Young Award for his role on On Our Own, for Best Performance by an Actor Under Ten in a TV Series.

    • Jake Smollett is a supporter of Artists for a New South Africa (ANSA) an organization devoted to improving the social and political conditions of South Africa.

    • Jake Smollett enjoys watching classic horror and suspense films.

    • Jake Smollett first acting job was as a diaper model.

    • Jake Smollett is 6 feet tall.

    • Jake Smollett has three brothers and two sisters: Jazz, Jussie, Jocqui, Jojo and Jurnee.

  • Quotes

    • Jake Smollett: (About his guitar skills) Natalie [Morales] taught me a few things, actually. She plays amazing. I'm definitely going to take up the guitar more. My oldest brother plays the guitar like crazy. Like Jimi Hendrix crazy.

    • Jake Smollett:(On if he actually plays the guitar in "The Middleman") Oh, no. I play AT the guitar. But I'm definitely going to learn more about it, because I would never want a stunt to have to play for me.

    • Jake Smollett:(On his role in "Hangin' with Mr.Copper") Oh my god, I was three years old. I actually can remember that day to a T. That was the first TV I've ever done in my life. It was so much fun because my sister [Jurnee Smollett] was on "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper" before I was, and I was actually in the stands, the audience, breast-feeding. No lie, I really was breast-feeding. And I got up from breast-feeding and went and sat on Cooper's [Mark Curry] lap and did my line and I was supposed to be peeing on his leg.

    • Jake Smollett:(When asked if sibling rivalry arouse when working with his family) Oh god, no. Like, literally when we did our show ["On Our Own"] ... We always say it's so funny that we'll be 80 years old, sitting up in our house looking back on all this footage that will always be here of us just being silly on ABC Family's time. It's kind of like home movies. When I watch the [show now], I actually feel like I'm watching a home video. That's how comfortable it was. So, no. No sibling rivalry ever. Never jealousy. None of that.

    • Jake Smollett:(When asked if he likes sci-fi and fantasy) I don't know if it's really fantasy, but like … I don't know if you know of the old, old, crazy movies where they'll have crazy [stuff] jumping out. I'm huge on sci-fi but not as much as scary movies and old-time classics. My favorite films are the older ones, like "Sudden Fear" from 1952 with Joan Crawford and Jack Palance.

    • Jake Smollett:(On how casting went for "The Middleman") My agents called me about it. I love "Star Trek" and all of these crazy, crazy shows. The more out there, the better for me. So of course I'd jump at the chance to do this. My mom is my acting coach, so she completely helped me set this character up. The day that I had the pilot audition, I had two other auditions and I got so late for the ["Middleman"] audition that I was about to just call my agents and say, "I don't even know if I'm going to make this!" But my mom drove, sped me there, I made it, and then … "The Middleman"!

    • Jake Smollett:(On the acting business) I literally was born into this business. I've experienced everything with it, but I love it at all times. I'm having a ball right now. At no point in time have I ever considered another field.