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One of G4's biggest kept secrets, "Jake Steele" is the pseudonym used for G4's "Unseen Narrator" on Iconsand narrator for other shows in G4's "Specials" library. Little information is known about this mysterious voice who seems to know all about the gaming industry. His official bio states that…more


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    • His first time on "Icons" was based on The Oddworld games.

    • Jake Steele has been the narrator for "Icons" ever since it started.

    • Another possible link for the Jake Steele mystery can be found with John Mayer. Steele mentions that he is a fan of Mayer and has been a friend since Mayer worked at Pier One.

    • There is speculation that there is a connection between Steele and the "news" magazine The Onion. On September 8, 1999, The Onion published an article entitled "God Legally Changes Name to Jake Steele." The connection comes in that The Onion is listed as one of Steele's favorite sites. Whether he was previously associated with The Onion, found inspiration in the name (since he was an unseen voice), or if there is any validity to this connection has yet to be confirmed.

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