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  • season three question

    in season three does jesus die from the car accident on season two with anna and mariana and her baby in her stomach

    Jake you are a good comedian and i also assume that u are a gentleman and friendly,really like u though i live in Africa and wish we do keep up that way and soon you will shine the more!LOVE YOU(nothing personal just friendly)
  • Jake T Austin

    He is amazing :D
  • U probably have a lot of fun playing with the stars and u r lucky enough to be one of them. maybe since i 'm a model will be in a show with u well u never no.... so anyway u r amazing actor well peace

    I think u r a great actor u really r amazing and u r funny awesome. i bet u u r friends r really happy to have a friend like u. i don't no how amazing u can get but i no u r really amazing and if u have a girlfriend i bet u she would be really happy to have u as a boyfriend. U probably had a lot of fun doing the movie with Selena and David and i bet u had a lot of doing the wizards in deck with Hannah Montana. i wonder whats it like to work with a bunch of stars.
  • no jake t austin isnt great and is cretainly not the best!!! there are alot of better actors and hes not even "hot" either. really i dont no why all you people love him he is not a great actor or good actor and his voice... dont even get me started!

    ok no he sucks he is not good at alll not 1 little bit he sucks! seriously, like wtf is with him he sucks he shouldnt be acting its not his thing trust me i no wat iam talking about and i dont no why u guyz and girls like him and wanna marry him and iam gonna start on his annoying little voice: its all squeky and anoying like he sounds like freakin alvin and the chimpmunks everything about that person is dam annoying!!! and i no iam repeating but its so annoying i cant stand it!!! he really sucks!!
  • I love Jake

    Jake is Great ,He's handsome and gorgeous.
    He is wonderful actor.Jake if your reading this I LOVE YOU,you probably get that alot but i really like you.LOL
    XOX Jake_Hottie
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  • empty

    jake is soooo amazing!!! his acting is so funny plus he is REALLY REALLY HOT!!!!!!
  • empty

    jake is soooo amazing!!! his acting is so funny plus he is REALLY REALLY HOT!!!!!!
  • I love him!

    He is really talented. i mean his not the best actor but still, he is one of the best disney actor i have seen so far. I really love him and he can really potray his character really well.
    i, honestly, think that he is a LITTLE underestimated in Wizards of the waverly place. i mean seriously, he is like the 2nd co-star right? and yet he already didnt appear in one episode. how many more episodes would he disappear in?
    he has a lot of potential. and i really hope he carries on with acting. so, good luck for him in his future acting career :)
  • He is so cute

    I think that Jake is really charming and handsome and his acting on the show Wizards of Waverly Place is Above Average cause you know he is awesome. On the Disney Channel Original movie Johnny Kapahala he is so cute and young he was so charming when he was back in late 2006 and last year and was so cute and he was really good looking. He is so talented and I hope he will become a great actor when he grows up and will be in alot of films. He gets a perfect 10 out of 10 because he is so awesome.
  • Jake T Austin is really cute! Read this people and write a comment!

    Well all i have to say is gosh Jake T Austin is so cute. I wish i could me him. His birthday and my birthday are on the same day and on the same year. We are both 13 years old, we are both saggitarius, and we both like sports. I think im to mature for him though because of the way he acts. He may act different of camera but i want to know if he does. To bad I live all the way out here and he lives out there. It doesnt matter though I can still admire him from afar, from way afar! I hope you read this Jakey! Love Ya.
  • Nothing Against him, Great Actor but... As of Feb 13 I have another Add to this Review. Imrpoved!!!

    Either its him or his character on Wizard's but. Needs to cut down on his sugar intake!, Nothing bad agaisnt him he acts pretty good, but he can get annoying at times. he has just too much energy, you can tell hes getting nervous and anxious, but his acting is quite good, also he only sounds like he has one tone, and that tone is the overy exicted one, even on scenes when he's suppose to be just calm cool and collected, and in interviews he sound perty normal. if only he can do that when the cameras are on tho. After Watching new episodes of Wizzards of Waverly, I have noticed He has steped his game up! Wow now he is starting to blosom in to a good actor. I've noticed that he's getting more into the script. He feels what he says and thats deep! Keep up the good work Jake T.!!