Jake Weber

Jake Weber


3/19/1964, London, England, UK

Birth Name

Jake T. Weber


  • Jake Weber stars as Joe on Medium.
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Jake Weber was well-known in Hollywood as a dependable supporting player. Directors knew that Jake had the ability to create characters that blended into the background. He had small roles in a variety of projects. Finally, he found a role that showcased his talent and allowed him to…more


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    • Jake: (on "Medium") You know, this show doesn't write itself. It's not like you can, you know, wheel in a patient or drag in a perp to the police station. So it really is writer-dependent.

    • Jake: (on the fourth season of "Medium") Chances are he will continue to explore the challenges that the family faces with being unemployed, having financial insecurity--real insecurity--like, real challenges, and continuing to deal with the challenges of raising three children in this unusual environment.

    • Jake: (what he's looking forward to in the fourth season of "Medium") From my perspective, the stuff that is interesting is familial relations. So the more conflict that exists in my relationship with Allison, the more there is to do and the more there is to grow. That's what I'm into.

    • Jake: (about on-screen marriages) I think there are other marriages that are real. Certainly The Sopranos had a lot of the same kind of domestic elements thrown into their real life and how they all interconnected.

    • Jake: (on making "Dawn of the Dead") I loved the idea of making a smart horror movie, a movie that was a lot of fun and is punk rock and fierce and wild but also is about real people.

    • Jake: I never have any qualms about working with first time directors because they are usually really creative and really collaborative. They are usually not megalomaniac.

    • Jake: The pace of television is such that it is very hard to keep innovating every week, week-and-a-half.

    • Jake: (on married life in "Medium") I think television has gotten a lot better in that regard and I think it is one of the strongest suits of the show. It portrays a marriage that is full of the problems and challenges that real marriages have to face.

    • Jake: Whenever you sign on to do a project, or someone signs you on to do a project, it's because there's a meeting of the minds and you feel like you can have a good time together for a few months, and that you can be proud of it at the end.

    • Jake: I never have any qualms about working with first-time directors because they are usually really creative and really collaborative.

    • Jake (On co-star Patricia Arquette): She's a big-hearted woman, and she's funny and smart and generous, and I've always had a little jones for her. I think the X factor here was Arquette, who had never done a TV show before. She is very appealing and has a fierce presence. I think a lot of people really responded to her. She carries the show on her back. She's a beautiful gal, but she's not your typical TV gal.

  • Jake... I knew you Mama. She was a dear friend of mine

    Please contact me if you would like me to tell you how I loved her !
  • I missed the last show!!! Now i can't get without you"

    I have no clue why the last show was missed by me, but it was.. I have no clue what or why the show i can tell you this, as a big fan of the you did well and i liked the personality you made for Well he is just a dish in any show, not that i ever see him now on anything, lord knows what he is doing now?? The kids? Well you just loved them to will watch the re-runs and hope i get to see the last ever then? You all have my love .best wishes. and whitemoreless