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  • Jake... I knew you Mama. She was a dear friend of mine

    Please contact me if you would like me to tell you how I loved her !
  • I missed the last show!!! Now i can't get without you"

    I have no clue why the last show was missed by me, but it was.. I have no clue what or why the show i can tell you this, as a big fan of the you did well and i liked the personality you made for Well he is just a dish in any show, not that i ever see him now on anything, lord knows what he is doing now?? The kids? Well you just loved them to will watch the re-runs and hope i get to see the last ever then? You all have my love .best wishes. and white
  • Just Perfect - Thank you for being Joe


    The perfect man and father. No one will come close to Joe, he is untouchable. The way Jake portrait him, is just amazing...I'll miss seeing him at medium..I bowled my eyes out when they killed him at Medium, and i still feel heartbroken about it..im sure i have many with me on that one..That says a lot of Jake's acting i will say..

    So with all my heart and soul i want to say thank you to Jake, for portraying this amazing man who warmed the heart of so many...


  • Plays Best Husband and Father of the 90s

    As "Medium"'s Joe DuBois, Weber portrays one of the most realistic and relatable men on TV. In seasons 3 and 4, Weber made Joe the TV husband many women (and men) want. His Joe is humorous, supportive, and present in his family's life. I like the interaction between Joe and Allison (Patricia Arquette) - they are one of the most realistic couples TV. Weber infuses Joe with a quiet intensity when he is angry. In the season 3 episode (3x12) "The One Behind the Wheel", Weber gives a stand-out performance. He is one of the main reasons I watch "Medium". In films, Weber was great as the soft-spoken and determined hero Michael in 2004's "Dawn of the Dead" and as the brutish and corrupt Officer Powell in "Haven".
  • empty

    Sexy, cool and great. I love Jake as an actor. He seems so calm and collective.