Jaleel White

Jaleel White


11/27/1976, Pasadena, California

Birth Name

Jaleel Ahmad Massoud White


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Jaleel White spent nine years as the ever annoying and lovable Steve Urkel for Warner Brother's hit series Family Matters. The role of Steve Urkel started out as a guest spot for the 1989 episode "Laura's First Date". The reaction to Steve was overwhelming and it was decided…more


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    • Jaleel: I've never really been an attention hound. I just like doing my job, period.

    • Jaleel: (talking about the rumor of him being dead) I don't even know what to say about that darned thing. As much as you try to live your life your right, you're gonna get sucker-punched now and then.

    • Jaleel: (on never wanting to play an Urkel-like character again) If you ever see me doing that character again, put a bullet in my head and take me out of my misery.

    • Jaleel: Being famous is just a part of my life. It's been that way since I was 12 years old. It doesn't matter. If I'm passing through airport security or whatever, people are always going to recognize me. For me, I appreciate the recognition. Sometimes it comes at inconvenient times or sometimes you'll get somebody that doesn't necessarily handle it with as much class as the next person. But for me, it's really all about work. It's really all about work. I did my job well as a young man. I'm proud of the job I did as a young man and I will continue doing more work. The legacy will just take its own shape. It'll just do what it's going to do.

    • Jaleel: I have one rule when it comes to dealing with comedy. Is it funny? So just because people know me for the work that I've done in the past, doesn't necessarily mean that's specifically my sensibility. If it's funny, I'm all for it.

    • Jaleel: As much as I try, sometimes I get thrust into the spotlight whether I like it or not.

    • Jaleel: Nerds rule the world!

  • Funniest actor ever

    Jaleel was the funniest actor ever. All of the shows he was on were as funny as all of his camo appearances. My favorite was his appearance on full house.
  • Jaleel White is a great actor and a 10 in my book forever.

    I think Jaleel White is a great actor always has been and always will be. I also think he is really cute. I think that he has really gotten cuter over the years. And I know not many of you agree with me on this but I thought he was even cute when he played Steve Urkel. I mean just cause of the glasses why wouldn't anyone think he was cute. Cause he was. Those glasses didn't change a thing about him. As far as I see it. Does anyone agree with that? I also think he is a very sweet person. Jaleel White is a 10 in my book cause I am a huge fan of his and always will be!moreless