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  • He had only had one main role in his career, that of Steve Urkel, but he deserves a Hollywood star just for these performances.

    I watch Family Matters. Not for the lighthearted stories and sometimes dramatic plots, not for the well-crafted plotlines, not for the danegrous adventures of the family cop. No. I watch Family Matters for the character that this guy plays. And it is classic.

    My main question is this: where is he now? You never hear Jaleel White's name anymore, but why not? He still should be a prominent television star in my opinion, because he has a perfect way of forming his image to mold a million different characters. For example, you had the wacky, clumsy, yet lovable Steve Urkel. Then you had his alter ego, Stephan Urquelle. He portrayed both characters beautifully, and I wonder why he has been thrust out of spotlight like this. He still should be a household name, if you ask me.